Spring Break = Regeneration.


I need sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Spring Break starts in two hours, the pillow is calling my name.



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2 responses to “Spring Break = Regeneration.

  1. Sean The Baldman

    My significant other is a teacher and she begins Spring Break at the same time.

    I used to think that the breaks were for the kids. Now I understand that teachers do 12 months worth of work in 10 months, and without the breaks, you would all burn out.

    Enjoy your free time!

  2. You blog, and work, like a man possessed. Taking some time just doing nothing might be a good idea. My character in life is a mum, and as such I actually never, ever get a true vacation. In fact, sometimes when we go away, it’s more work because the beautiful cottage in the countryside doesn’t have the pots and pans and comforts of my own home. Hopefully my character will just quietly cope, and not lose it one afternoon and go postal. Luckily, there are no firearms handy, but there’s a nice big cricket bat in the hallway!

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