Squirrel Girl Sports Set?


Of course it would not be limited to the bushy-tailed wonder that is Doreen Green, but what do you think about a Vs. System Sports Set? All aglow from the Florida Marlins’ smashing success on Opening Day this year, I’m dreaming of some seriously athletic superhero cardboard this morning.


Sports and spandex seem to be two great tastes that taste great together. Comic books and organized athletics share a love of myth. There would be a massive library of great art, and a natural source of strategy thematics. I would really dig a Vs. System Sports Set, no matter what characters we trot out.







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2 responses to “Squirrel Girl Sports Set?

  1. Stu, where does that fantastic punisher hockey art come from?

    As a kid from the bay, we always talked about having a hockey team in oakland called the homicide…with black and silver/white uni’s…similar to the raiders…think that could have been the poster boy?

  2. Indeed, he looks like Oakland.

    I found that on deviantart.com.

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