Squirrel Girl = Epic.


(Beautiful Fur by Art Nerd Em.)

I sincerely hope that you will join me on TVtropes.org for a swim. That website is simply incredible.Their Squirrel Girl page especially floats my boat, and it has been recently updated with a fascinating tidbit about the Silver Age origins of Doreen Green:

Legend has it that the Squirrel Girl story was originally drawn by Steve Ditko years if not decades before it was actually published in 1992. As the story goes, the story was originally drawn and completed by Ditko, but went unused and sat in a drawer until Marvel needed a story to fill out its anthology series Marvel Super-Heroes Special. The old unused Squirrel Girl story was pulled out of the drawer, had dialogue written for it appropriate to 1992, and was finally published. Since the original art and story had an old Silver Age touch that didn’t take itself seriously was published in the grim and gritty nineties, the story was notable for how out of place it felt.

Few people actually read the story when it first came out, but after the scans were posted on the Internet, Squirrel Girl slowly became an Internet meme. The fact that Dr. Doom was defeated in such a ridiculous manner combined with the fact that it was one of the few Doom losses that was never retconned as a Doombot due to the obscurity and ridiculousness of the story, meant that Squirrel Girl became a popular Memetic Badass in Internet fight threads despite having only appeared once in a story no one read.

Learn something new every day, and then swirl up a tree with that big bushy tail.


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One response to “Squirrel Girl = Epic.

  1. Richard D. Fox

    Oy… now I feel vaguely responsible.

    Apparently, I managed to singlehandedly create the “legend” about Doreen’s creation. The story: Someone posted to the discussion page for her Wikipedia article to mention that that run of Marvel Super-Heroes was used largely to dispose of old “inventory stories” that were done in advance and stored, intended to be used if books were delayed. From that, I mentioned that it’s possible, as a result, that Ditko had first written “The Coming of Squirrel Girl” as far back as the early 80s (when he returned to Marvel after his DC days), but that nobody would know for sure until someone went and asked Ditko when he drew it.

    I guess the story grew from there…

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