Darkstalkers Preview: Pulling Strings.


That’s the last card we will preview from the Guglio Darkstalkers set here on Full Body Transplant, since it is the kind of card I live for. The original video game version of Marionette is an unlockable secret character that forces you to play a whole string of mirror matches. Guglio’s Vs. System incarnation is just as funky. Just the way I like it.


Before I sign off on this first madman’s Darkstalker set, I want to assure you that each and every card will be available soon. Meet me back here Friday for a link to the whole Guglio run, and for the beginning of the Silkmane previews. I promise a proper article at the beginning of each person’s cards, and Silkmane will be followed by a list of pure genius from Spain by emmanuel!

In the meantime, I will indulge you in my single favorite part of the Darkstalkers video game. Anakaris busts a curse if you press the right combination of buttons. The curse transforms an opposing character into a talismanic toy replica of themselves. When Toy Biz released a limited set of Darkstalkers action figures, they actually included the cursed totem versions alongside each character in the package. When Capcom created Super Puzzle Fighter II and included Chibi styled Darkstalkers, they also included the talisman Pyron floating above Ryu’s head. Bliss.

pyron_anakariscurse  bbhood_anakariscurse2 bishamon_anakariscurse1 demitri_anakariscurse donovan_anakariscurse1 donovan_anakariscurse2 felicia_anakariscurse hsienko_anakariscurse  

jedah_anakariscurse jontalbain_anakariscurse lillith_anakariscurse   qbee_anakariscurse rikuo_anakariscurse sasquatch_anakariscurse victor_anakariscurse huitzil_anakariscurse2

That is the full line-up of Anakaris cursors for your absolute visual pleasure.  Meet me back here on Friday for the beginning of Silkmane’s Darkstalkers cards!



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One response to “Darkstalkers Preview: Pulling Strings.

  1. Silkmane


    I can’t believe how wicked Marionette is…

    Whoo… I’m trying not to smile to hard as mind races to describe the possibilities for this card.

    First it has excellent balance for a low drop with such awesome potential.

    Second, it accurately portrays the power of Marionette to own control those pesky low drops who set up those marvelous early turn wins.

    Lastly, it was well worth the wait guys. Thank you very much. I can’t wait to run DarkStalkers just so I can steal me some Thunderbolts and such from across the table.

    I am Silkmane.

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