Thursday Thirteen: A Comprehensive Survey of Vs. System’s Structural Potential.



(Forgive my alliteration, I get excited when talking about the game I love.)

1. Vs. System supports the fully fleshed cardboard celebration of modern mythology.

2. Character cards capture crystallized chronological incarnations portraying individual instances of powerful personality within comic-book continuity.


3. Plot Twists allow extended interpretations of the interaction between superheroes and storytelling.


4. Locations transport players to power-packed places in the collective imagination that have been populated on pulp for years.


5. Equipment cards create cardboard captures of the coolest action-accessories in comic-book history.

6. Versions validate various roles, relative to the revolving triumphs and tragedies that define each character during development.

7. Abilities arrange a translation from sequential pages and panels into repeatable gameplay and consistent strategy.

8. Flavor text sprinkles specific spices harvested directly from singular situations and speculative slang.

9. Team affiliations preserve previous cooperative conglomerates from actual mythological history.

10. Team-up cards give permission to create storylines and synthesis that would never be allowed in the comics.

11. Deckbuilding develops devious strategic synergies involving intensive specific information culled from the combination of spandex mythology and trading card game mechanics.

12. The basic blueprint provided by the game serves as a skeletal structure facilitating fresh entertaining expansion of far-ranging fan-favorites.

13. No matter what fictional characters or worlds you dig most, they can come to life when you create a fantasy set of Vs. System cards, providing endless entertainment – matching their might against other mythological masterpieces.




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5 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: A Comprehensive Survey of Vs. System’s Structural Potential.

  1. Rian,
    I have to admit that I do not understand all of this. (My children can figure it out and probably my Dungeons and Dragons friends. Alas I lack the left and right brain working together at times) Yet I do admire the beauty, creativity in it and your enthusiasm as well.
    Happy TT:)

  2. Great cards! My sons like to use their imaginations like that. 🙂

  3. Squirrel Girl is adorable 🙂

  4. You make it sound pretty cool.

  5. rikkiscraps

    No idea what you’re talking about, but I do appreciate your alliterations. This certainly sounds intriguing. Happy belated TT! Rikki

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