Sunday Mandala: Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Kingdom Hearts Gummi Ship Masterpiece.


For anyone who recognizes that screen from Kingdom Hearts, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is an actual custom Gummi Ship in the form of a flying Mandala.

Here is a keen video of a Keyblade Gummi Ship if you’ve got a minute:

A new day has risen in our house. We bundled up a bag ‘o stuff and traded up from PSone to Playstation 2. The world will never be the same. Obviously one of our first two games is Kingdom Hearts (2). The other? My favorite genre of all time. 2D fighter!

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is Heaven on Earth. I immediately fell in love with a Mudman/Athena combo (select her with Square and she is chocklit!) and ran off a string of 17 victories to unlock her with the dude in the big mask.

So now you know where I will be when I am not blogging. Soaked deep in sprite paradise. Game on!


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