Thursday Thirteen: Ultimate Squirrel Girl Review.


If you have ever been within 12 miles of this website, you know that I have a thing for Squirrel Girl. Upper Deck blessed me with an official Squirrel Girl card last year, but even that could not prepare me for this.

Rainer wrote the ultimate review of the original 1992 Squirrel Girl appearance in Marvel Superheroes. He also posted the entire story. Today’s Thursday Thirteen is the first half, with some of his best reactions. Meet me back here next Thursday for the rest.

In the words of Rainer, “The Coming of Squirrel Girl” is…

1. Too weird not to post.

2. One of the most eye-opening comics I have read in quite some time.

3. Veers into Tobe Hooper territory.

4. “Here’s the deal: No deal.”

5. The most cool – i.e. emotionally muted – I have ever seen Iron Man.

6. Measured and solid hand in drawing the characters and environment. Except on  Squirrel Girl’s face.

7. Ye Gods.

8. Something only achievable in comics, those weird facial expressions not possible by any human being and much more mind imprinting in the static pages of a comic book, as you could just stare at it conceivably forever, where as in animation it would pass shortly.

9. You can’t help but notice her.

10. The ultimate fangirl.

11. Well meaning yet strangely off putting.

12. A big cake of headscratching.

13. Massive icing.











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6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Ultimate Squirrel Girl Review.

  1. I love what she does with her tail. And yeah, those facial expressions are really something.

  2. The best part may be the teeth.

  3. That’s just freakin’ cool – thanks for sharing it. I’ve not seen anything like this. (I live in a box!) 😉

  4. Silkmane

    that was the best ride…

    The fact that she actually held her own against Doom—Outstanding.

  5. she’s a serious piece of tail, isn’t she?
    Great TT, thanks for coming to visit

  6. SQUIRRELS ROCK! Except when they eat a THOUSAND pine cones and litter my driveway with shredded bits of pine cone – it’s like a pine cone shower in my back yard.

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