Thursday Thirteen: The Art of the Internet.


(Internet Love by tipsyfairy.)

Hello friends. I have a favor to ask today. I have been given the opportunity to design a Continuing Education course for Broward College. If it gets approved, I will be teaching adults how to maximize their presence on the internet. Help me make sure I have all the bases covered. Is there anything you would add to this list? Do you know of any really good sources for general computer skill summaries? Thanks for any help you can provide, this is what I want to teach:

1. Web Design. Creating your own little corner of the internet is easier and more beautiful than ever, thanks to amazing free software such as WordPress.

2. Blogging. No matter what your particular life is full of, you can share it with the rest of the world quite easily.

3. Message Boards. Whatever hobby or subject you are interested in becoming a bigger part of, you can find an active group discussion revolving around it.

4. Email. Whenever you need to get in direct contact with a single individual or corporate entity, the access points are readily available.

5. Ebay. Or Amazon, or any other way to hook up with buyers.

6. YouTube. Making videos and slideshows, then broadcasting far and wide.

7. Facebook. And any other social networking site that allows massive connections.

8. MySpace Music. Is there a better place to get your own original stuff heard?

9. Wikipedia. Reading an encyclopedia has never been easier, and now you can write part of it yourself!

10. Being part of the political process. Whether Redstate or Daily Kos, your voice can be a force in the party of your choice.

11. Google ads. Making money just from being popular is a very intriguing idea.

12. DeviantArt. The glory of a worldwide gallery, complete with communal critique.

13. Simply surfing. The one thing that the internet truly excels at. Connecting the dots from interested individual straight to source.


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6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: The Art of the Internet.

  1. Looks like an interesting curriculum to me. Nothing comes to mind at the moment to add, but then I’m under the weather at the moment. Best wishes on this project.

    Hugs and blessings.

  2. One of the keys that I think is so often overlooked is to create a consistent presence online. Think about who you want people to see and only be that person. It’s hard but I think it creates an even package. I’m just myself – so it’s pretty easy! 🙂

    Good luck! You’ll do great

  3. I like technorati too.

  4. Claudia, great point.

    Colleen, good catch! Rating sites should be on the list.

    Happily, hugs and blessings back at you!

  5. Don’t forget to have them monitor their presence with such (free!) tools as sitemeter. Also, don’t forget the other side of the coin – and I’m probably aware of this because I have youngish kids – which is maintaining privacy and deflecting unwanted attention; addresses, unless they are business ones, should never be too easily linked to your full name, etc.

    Go for it Rian. It sounds a fun course to both teach and learn.

  6. Grace

    How fantastic an opportunity for you!

    As one of those adults who need to learn to use the Internet, I use my access for financial management, for storing and accessing photos, and for researching travel. I suppose both of those fall under surfing, but I do think the financial applications might have a broad appeal.

    Otherwise, I think it’s a really complete syllabus.

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