Tell Me About Marvel Ultimate Alliance.





That’s the thing I most look forward to, now that I am in possession of a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

What else should I expect?


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7 responses to “Tell Me About Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

  1. I didn’t know they put the 1602 costume in there, nice.

    I need to find a copy for my Wii yet.

  2. Of course, all that really matters is that I can play Bill…

  3. You know what’s scary?

    There are simple cheat codes to unlock EVERYTHING.

    I don’t know if I will be able to hold myself back.

  4. You have a crapload of fun to look forward to! This is one of my favorite games of all times, and I can’t wait for MUA2.


    Enjoy, sir!

  5. Expect one of the most awesome games ever. Okay, so Deadpool helps make it that for me, but still…

    X-Men Legends was really the first in the series (and replaying it this past week reminds me of how bad certain parts were and how they were fixed), and was an amazing game. X-Men Legends II was also really good and actually worked well as a game. I feel that Marvel Ultimate Alliance, while good, is basically a much simpler version of X-Men Legends II with different characters. In X-Men Legends II, you pretty much control everything. You control stats, you control abilities, you control when you use health packs and energy packs, etc. In MUA, it is all done automatically. Pretty much, you only get to customize what specials you want to use. Still, the gameplay is pretty much the same, with lots of running around, beating up waves of the same bad guys, until beating up a boss, with leveling up and using specials. My advice in terms of just winning is to use one specific team. Choose 4 characters and stick with them no matter what. Human Torch is very broken (which is both fun sometimes, and annoying others), and other than that, I’m not sure.

    I seriously recommend both X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends II beforehand, I like them more just as games, but it is amazing with all the different Marvel characters (especially lots of good Deadpool stuff). Also, when you get to Mephisto’s Realm (I hope that’s not a spoiler), use a secondary character after beating the first part if you want Ghost Rider. You’ll see why. Oh, and even if you don’t use him most of the time, while at your bases, have Deadpool talk to the characters he has special dialogue with (Black Widow some times, Black Bolt, Weasel).

  6. Way cool, thanks.

    I will eventually get to all the Marvel games, I just picked this one up since it was the only one they had left at Target. For $20 new, I could not resist.

    Don’t worry about spoilers, I am the kind of person who digs through all the FAQs to make sure I don’t miss anything!

    Good times ahead…

  7. limbo

    If you upgrade him right, Ghost Rider is the s###

    Plus, he’s Ghost Rider which makes him twice as awesome.

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