Dan Slott Confirms Squirrel Girl’s Legitimacy.


Dan Slott is one of Marvel Comics’ biggest and brightest star writers. Today he weighed in personally on the Squirrel Girl tug-of-war.

In response to a common opinion that Doreen Green is nothing but a joke, I started a thread on CBR asking: Is Squirrel Girl a legitimate hero? 


I was surprised to see that a large majority of the responses were in the affirmative.


This, obviously, was my favorite:


And then Dan Slott settled it once and for all. And I quote.

Q: Was she a Marvel character created by Steve Ditko?

A: Yes.

Ta da! The end. No more discussion necessary.

Squirrel Girl = Legitimate Hero. Next.


So that’s it. Official confirmation from inside Marvel Comics. 

Squirrel Girl is, and always will be, a real hero. 


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One response to “Dan Slott Confirms Squirrel Girl’s Legitimacy.

  1. GehennaTattoo

    That would make a great mini-series…

    Squirrel Girl: Legitimacy.

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