Two-tone Tuesday: Harley Quinn.


Those sketches are by the imcomparable Emily, and the character is by DC Comics. I once wrote about the darling dingbat named Harley Quinn, here’s a taste:

The fickle finger of fate twists wicked swirls into the character of comic book culture. The story of Harley Quinn is one of the most twisted examples ever. Since Harley helped hoist her Arkham Inmates team up to their first $10K championship in Brisbane last week, I think it’s time that you knew where she came from.

Harley Quinn was born in a soap opera. Arleen Sorkin was playing the role of Calliope Jones in the ever-popular Days of Our Lives. Calliope Jones was a quirky, mischievous girl, and one night she had a dream on the show. In her dream, she was dressed as a jester. Paul Dini was a real-life close friend of Arleen’s and a big fan of her work. He was also writing the script for the upcoming Batman: The Animated Series, which was about to debut in the fall of 1992. Paul put two and two together and created Harley Quinn as an homage to his good friend and her spunky soap opera character. The rest is Harley history.

Harley Quinn is hot, and she has been since her first appearance on television. She wore a police uniform with a miniskirt throughout most of her debut episode, but then she changed into the jester outfit and never looked back. As the perfect sidekick for The Joker, our killer little co-ed clown made the jump to official DC Comics canon almost immediately. In two short years, the character who was born in a real soap opera dream was winning both the Eisner and Harvey awards as the best comic of 1994.

Her solo myths have turned out to be some of the most enjoyable continuing series in the industry. Harley began her pulp version as an honor student intern at the Arkham Asylum. Upon observing the patient known as The Joker, she fell truly madly deeply in love. She began spending more time with him, and they formed an alliance that has endured to this day. Harley Quinn also became best of friends with Poison Ivy. The two have been partners in crime through thick and thin, and their relationship has caused quite a commotion; there are rumors swirling everywhere about a possible romance. DC Comics fuelled the speculation by allowing them to appear in bed together.

Surely they jest.


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