Card Creator Contest: Creaky.

Ch’Reek’Iiliimeenii • Creaky

First of all, none of this is real. Creaky is a character invented by Christopher “chdb” Bird on his website as an illustration of the brilliance he would bring to the Dr. Strange mythos if he were allowed to write the books.


Magic in the Marvel Universe tends to be Earth-centric. The Nexus of All Realities’ Waypoint Into This Universe is located on Earth. The Bridge To The World of Waking Dream is too.

When magical realms like K’un L’un connect themselves to Earth you get the sort of effect when people outside a bar see that it’s lively inside and then they want to go in.

Ch’Reek’Iiliimeenii (or “Creaky,” as he is known to his friends) is a Chr’Ylite, of the same race as Sikorsky of the Starjammers.

Chr’Ylite abilities aren’t just telepathic, but indeed an empathic connection to the very world around them – a sensory perception that skews much wider than average.

This perception, married to the keen analytical minds of the Chr’Ylites, gave the species an additional ace in the hole: a tendency to produce wizards.

Chr’Ylite mathemagic is the arcane calculus that affects the universe; Chr’Ylite patron-magic accesses a range of magical deities of which most Earth wizards are barely aware, such as:

D’nonni’Klaa, The Otherworldly Master of Unreal Algebra.

Fidostinaliae, The Great Seer Of Strange Probabilities.

32[(xe)2ab] + KLYZ, He Who Is Not Named But Only Calculated.

Creaky, a young and talented Chr’Ylite wizard, came to Earth both because he was sent by the Irrationality Council (a staple belief of the Chr’Ylites is that irrational numbers hold the magical secrets of the universe) and because he volunteered. When people ask him about this, he steadfastly maintains that both these instances occurred simultaneously. Do not ask him to explain how this is possible. He will try to do it, and you will inevitably get a headache when he begins discussing the magical digressions of quadrubic roots.

Creaky is, even for a magician who traveled billions of miles to explore, curious about everything to a degree that is almost terrifying. He wants to know everything, and given that he barely sleeps (Chr’Ylites only need to sleep nineteen minutes out of every 24-hour Earth day) he is the biggest information junkie you have ever met. He doesn’t confine himself to magical research either; Chr’Ylite magic has as a founding principle that magic can be found in everything, so one night he will watch a dozen episodes of The Wire and the next he is reading Joan Collins novels and the next he is replaying the same Dizzee Rascal song over and over again (muttering something about syncopation) and the next he’s studying the history of Constantinople.

And every so often? He finds something.

Ch’Reek’Iiliimeenii • Creaky

I made that first Creaky Vs. System card to start the ball rolling. Now you. Take the information in the quote box, translate it into Vs. System game mechanics, and slap it all together in Magic Set Editor. Send the resulting cards to

The winner gets his or her choice of my remaining Pro Circuit Extended Art prize cards.

I adore the whole idea of Creaky. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for other versions and support cards.

Card Creating Party On!

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