Michael Jackson: Rehearsal For Eternity.

Some of us count our points in life by how many people get deeply blissed by our existence. Michael Jackson may be the all-time winner in that category. His music will live forever in more hearts than any other.



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4 responses to “Michael Jackson: Rehearsal For Eternity.

  1. barkdoggybark

    It’s hard to explain to younger kids how ENORMOUSLY BIG Michael Jackson was in the 80’s. He was like the Beatles twenty years earlier, but twenty times as big.

  2. RIP Michael. It’s never enough when talking about MJ, but I cannot focus on that anymore. It’s too painful.

    “This is thriller, Thriller night” – hell, yeah, that’s true.

    Peace \/

  3. so true. Without Madonna and MJ, my childhood would have been completely different.

  4. It’s always the same… we only appreciate genius when it’s gone.


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