I Was There The Day Michael Jackson Bought This At The Mall.


One Saturday five years ago I was waiting tables at TGI Fridays at the upscale Aventura Mall in Miami when the whole place exploded. People were running full speed from every store, helicopters were circling, and time seemed to stop.

Michael Jackson was shopping with a friend.

The restaurant had full length windows along the section of the mall leading to the door that he used to come in and out, so we got to see him in person. The local news reported his purchases on the evening news.

He bought the Green Goblin statue that I had been wishing I could afford. I was glad it finally found a good home.

Life is like a bunch of small bubbles dancing under water. When we die, we pop to the surface and rejoin the big air above. Enjoy the greater self Michael. Thanks for the music.


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9 responses to “I Was There The Day Michael Jackson Bought This At The Mall.

  1. valeriewatts

    Good Story.

  2. 9intouch

    Yes, Michael was a legend.

  3. Michael Jackson IS a legend. Thanks for this.

  4. styleisthenewblack


  5. As you’ve said He will always be remembered.

  6. justphotoz

    I wasn’t even finished putting the final touches on my post and there was your comment. Thanks. It would have been nice to have met him myself. My sister is 52 and just informed me that she is still made at my Dad for not allowing her to go to a Jackson 5 concert. Thanks again for the comment for Michael @ http://justphotoz.wordpress.com/2009/06/30/michael-jackson-and-the-2009-bet-awards/. Take care.

  7. HotNat

    Hey – thanks for reading and commenting on my post – http://hotspotting.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/michael-jackson-graffiti-homage/

    It seems bizarre to me that he would buy that statue in the mall. Did he buy anything else?

    Hot Nat

  8. arianna

    i go to aventura all the time i wish i could have met him

    he is my idol no joke he is incredible.

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