Upper Deck announces Michael Jackson tribute cards.





Carlsbad, CA (July 15, 2009) – On June 25, 2009, the world was shocked to hear that Michael Jackson had suddenly passed away. In honor of one of the world’s most prolific performers, The Upper Deck Company is releasing a quartet of short-printed, illustrated insert cards honoring Michael Jackson’s legendary 1993 halftime performance at Football’s biggest game.

On Sunday, January 31, 1993, the sporting world tuned in to watch Dallas battle Buffalo for football’s biggest title game. Adding to the excitement of the annual event, the halftime show stirred up the kind of buzz that only one performer could ever generate: Michael Jackson took center stage and with a set that featured some of his most memorable hits and trademark dance moves, he rocked the house of 98,374. Dallas won the game, 52-17, and Jackson won over a new generation of fans with what many consider the most spectacular halftime show in history.

“Michael Jackson was a unique entertainer whose performances routinely exceeded expectations as he continually tested the boundaries with his music and dance,” said Jason Masherah, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Brands. “After witnessing the outpouring of love at his memorial, we knew the public would appreciate this commemorative collection to celebrate his larger-than-life persona. Both sport and music fans alike will no doubt reminisce about the memorable halftime performance.”

The cards will be available in the August 4th launch of the 2009 UDx Baseball series.


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10 responses to “Upper Deck announces Michael Jackson tribute cards.

  1. Michael Jackson’s death gives rise to big business. Thanks for sharing.

    I also found this Michael Jackson comeback book.

  2. winslie gomez

    Nice looking site, but then again… you are an artist!


  3. Wow, these are freaky looking, but still cool as hell!

  4. I can’t help but think that he would approve!

  5. I like these!! They’re very artistic, and a nice tribute I’d say. Kudos for the exclusive look 😉 !!!

    -jso Lovely

  6. Alique Azmi

    Nice print you have there. Special tribute to our MJ ~

  7. Excellent stuff. I will aim to collect. Good site. Well done.

  8. They are cool to look at. Real fans will enjoy this keepsake.

  9. I Love this song!

    All I can say is WOW This is an Amazing site! I love charicatures. May I be so bold as to suggest…. PLEASE have a few of MJ in ‘The Wiz’ as the scarecrow – and GIVE them to me!!! (Seriously) then come visit me at: steffsings.wordpress.com

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