Squirrel Girl Named “Coolest Character in the Marvel Universe” by Brian Michael Bendis.


It’s true. Brian Michael Bendis has annointed Squirrel Girl to her rightful place. Doreen Green’s nutty alterego is “the coolest character in the Marvel Universe”.

But where did she come from? In all her appearances, Squirrel Girl has never shucked the shell of her origin story. We turn, therefore, to the magnificent dopes at TVtropes for a few theories. Some of them make perfect sense.

Squirrel Girl is the daughter of the Beyonder.

Her powers have not fully manifested themselves, but she unconsciously warps reality around herself. This allows the teenage girl to beat heavy hitters of the Marvel universe who should otherwise mop the floor with her.

These ideas are not official. They come from the Wild Mass Guess (WMG) page on TVtropes.org. That one hits home. Squirrel Girl doesn’t even know how powerful she is. She warps reality around herself naturally, without being conscious of what that means. Maybe she really is the daughter of the Beyonder.

Squirrel Girl is a student of Miaowara Tomokato, the Samurai Cat.

Tomokato was the original practitioner of the martial art based on the Dark Side of Absurdity, which allows the wielder to exercise effective omnipotence and beat any foe, however cosmic, but only if the audience is laughing. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Add in that Tomokato is himself a time-travelling and parallel-timeline-travelling anthropomorphic furry animal, and that his first candidate as his protege (his nephew Shiro) is a hideously unlikeable psychopathic brat, and its not unlikely that at sometime throughout his wanderings through all time and space, he met the utterly charming Doreen and decided that she was a more worthy successor to his school. (The character of Miaowara Tomokato is from the ‘Samurai Cat’ novels by Mark E. Rogers).Supporting this theory is the fact that among the very long list of fictional realities Samurai Cat has visited is Hyperborea, which as we all know is part of the ancient past of the Marvel Universe. So he is entirely capable of having travelled to Earth-616.

Wow, that one makes me smile. It would be a crossover like none we have ever seen, but it would be awful sweet; Squirrel Girl’s unlimited power comes from the ability to make the audience laugh. It includes the fourth wallery that she is known for, and it just might work.

Squirrel Girl’s using an infinite loop.

Obviously, she has Earthcraft, Squirrel’s Nest, and a Forest in play.

Oh my. Perhaps the most gut-busting Magic the Gathering reference of all time. Moments like this always make me glad to be alive. Disturbingly plausible, indeed.

Squirrel Girl’s secret is she’s a DC character trapped in the Marvel Universe.

She’s able to do everything she does witha happy-go-lucky outlook on life, is confident, well-adjusted and straightforward, and manages to do it all with no Angst. The excessive Angst typical of Marvel characters, such as Speedball becoming Penance, drives her crazy. If she was in the DC Universe, she’d be utterly unremarkable and typical.

This explains why she can’t die either. When Marvel and DC do a crossover, they aren’t allowed to kill each others characters. So, no matter how deep a hole Marvel puts Squirrel Girl in, she’s gonna get out because she’s a just a DC guest character.

Ummm, no. DC characters are happy-go-lucky? That better be snark, buddy. To quote Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins: “Don’t let’s get silly.”

Those are a  few of the theories surrounding Squirrel Girl’s origins. She has been officially named “the coolest character in the Marvel Universe” by Brian Michael Bendis. All we need now is that namesake miniseries mentioned by Joe Quesada and we will be set.

Make it so.



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