Comic-Con 2009: Cosplay Costumed Caption Contest and Character Identification Treasure Hunt.


Here’s the deal. We have selected our 12 favorite cosplay costumed characters from Comic-Con 2009. Now it’s up to you. Identify all twelve. Tell us what they are thinking. Win prizes. In exactly 14 days we will choose a winner, and that lucky fool will recieve a custom hand-painted tee shirt glorifying their brilliance. That’s right. The champion gets to wear their winning entry.

You can leave your guesses and captions in the comments, or send them email.  Ready, set, put on the costume, go!












Mad love to greatwhitesnark for the photographs, now get crackin’!


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4 responses to “Comic-Con 2009: Cosplay Costumed Caption Contest and Character Identification Treasure Hunt.

  1. Nel

    Gay Batman, dunno who, Ghetto Lando with his Colt, L and the Shinigami from Death Note, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow and Robin, The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, Max, a Predator, Master Roshi, the Tank, and finally Black Arachnia…

    Well, it scares me to think I knew most of those.

  2. sparklemotion

    That Predator looks like his boxers should be showing.

    Poison Ivy and Scarecrow are telling Robin:

    “We give up. You win. As usual. Now let’s get that beer.”

  3. janizary

    The next-to-last guy with his knuckles dragging is Tank, and he is saying…


  4. cory

    there’s a big cosplay event in Roppongi Tokyo that looks really fun to be at

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