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X-Babies Zombie Variant is Here!


In two short weeks X-Babies #1 will be popping up in comic book stores everywhere. That is the regular cover by Skottie Young. Are you ready to see the variant cover with the X-Babies as zombies by Humberto Ramos? Are you sure? Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you…XBabiesZombieVariant

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I love my job.


I wish you could have been been here for this. Juan Carlos was drawing the perfect example of the lesson, so I took a picture of him and projected it on the SmartBoard for the whole class to see. He exploded into bubbling embarassed laughter that lasted for twelve whole minutes. Neither of us will ever forget that moment.

I love my job.

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New Self Coming Soon.


We are two weeks away from something really big when it comes to Self.


In honor of that thing that is about to drop, we are featuring the incomparable self-portrait of Ka-Lai Chan.


Pretty soon your Self will be able to sit with our Self in a whole new place. Stay tuned.

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The blog, the blog, the blog is on fire…


Gotta love those random days when everything falls into place just perfectly. Check out the pure coolness of the other three winners. Turn down the thermostat, things are getting hot in here.

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“Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. It could happen.”


Dan Slott had one simple statement when asked about the Disney acquisition of Marvel Comics.

“Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. It could happen.”




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Ares Rocket Test: Success!


In a few years, the Ares rocket will be carrying people into space. Today, in the Utah desert, it carried a whole bunch of dirt into the air.



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Melanie Oudin’s Shoes.


This is simply magic. Melanie Oudin. Shoes she designed herself. Rolling into history at the US Open.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

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