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Squirrel Girl Beats Fin Fang Foom And Goes Solo.

That is the final page of Age of Heroes #3, on the shelves as we speak. Our girl Doreen Green has now defeated Thanos, Baron Mordo, Doctor Doom, Fin Fang Foom, MODOK, and Ego the Living Planet. She is officially leaving the Great Lakes Avengers and she may finally get a solo title.

It is the most exciting announcement since the historical new roster of the Miami Heat. Squirrel Girl is coming into her own in the Marvel Universe, and even Ego cannot slow her strokes.

Party on!

(Official Squirrel Girl IM2 card by George Davis.)

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The Miami Heat’s Three Kings Equivalencey Test.

Something unbelievable just happened here in Miami. Pat Riley was able to sign Bosh and LeBron to play alongside DWade.

This is like choosing the three best starters, two best closers, and four best hitters to build a baseball team.

This is like picking any 14 players in the world to play football in your city.

This is like a video game, but it is happening in real life. Here. Where I live.

This is a surreal paradise for someone who has been going to Heat games for 22 years since the first night they played, with Rony Seikaly in the Miami Arena.

This is unbelievable.


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