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Something Fishy: Aquaman RULES.


And now for something completely fishy. We put our dollar into the machine. Our aim was true. We grabbed the spotlight at the Aquaman Shrine!

Just in case you have never been there, you must visit Rob Kelly’s Aquaman Shrine. Do it now.

While we wait for you to return, IF you ever return, here is the full glory of Craig Hamilton’s painting from the Vs. System Sea Creatures card, which is now swimming blissfully in Rob’s collection. I remember the day they showed it to me before anyone else had ever seen it.

That day has never ended.


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Mystery Character in Super Hero Squad Video Game.

That is a bad screenshot from the Marvel Super Hero Squad video game for Playstation 2. Can anyone identify the mystery character?

The scene is a cinematic of Dr. Doom addressing his squad of villains. The back turned to the camera is dressed in Loki colors, which is one of the features in the game. You can play as Loki Storm or Loki Juggernaut after you unlock them.

But who is THAT??? Furry tail. Furry arm accesories. Could it actually be…

Loki Squirrel Girl?

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Jim Parsons + Sheldon Cooper = Emmy.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is the best television character since Chris Stevens. Now he has an Emmy Award.


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Chris Sims Warms The Icy Cockles With Squirrel Girl.


Here at Full Body Transplant we catch a bit of grief over our obsession with Squirrel Girl. Well, it’s not just us. Today we proudly present a quote from the world reknowned Chris Sims.  We could not have said it better ourselves.

If I had to point to one thing about the Comics Internet that warmed the icy cockles of my heart, it would unquestionably be the fact that, thanks largely to Dan Slott, Squirrel Girl has achieved the level of cult fame that she always deserved.

I love Squirrel Girl, mostly because she’s rooted in the idea of “What if we made the most ridiculous character we could possibly think of, and then had her win every time?” In a universe that prides itself on being grounded in a version of realism that still allows for gamma bombs and radioactive spiders, she’s a pure, shining beacon of fun, and everyone who likes her seems to get that it’s because she’s constantly, effortlessly punching way above her weight class. Forget knuckle spikes and the ability to talk to forest rodents, her real super-power is winning.

I think it reaches its definitive peak in the “GLX-Mas” special, in a story where Dan Slott and Matt Haley not only have her take out Thanos, then has the Watcher on hand to enshrine it as an immutable, incontrovertible element of Marvel continuity, which is basically Slott getting all up in your grill and going “Did you see that? Because That. Just. Happened.

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Chris Bosh Is An Inspiration.

Chris Bosh got milk. Miami got flavor.

If you don’t know the Heat’s brilliant power forward, he is all about the Art. We are cooking up all kinds of outrageous ways to optimize this most exciting part of the most talented team in sports history. Chris Bosh is not afraid to gush about what is about to happen. In a recent Sports Illustrated video interview he told the straight-up truth:

“We have the perfect balance. Dwyane is the perfect scorer. Lebron is the perfect all-around player. I’m the perfect low post player. Together we can make this a really really good team.”

Thanks to XeroO for the intense teeth. He is no longer a Raptor, but he is about to bite off the biggest hunk of history that the NBA has ever seen. Chris Bosh is an inspiration.

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Okami + MvC3 = Bliss.

It has been exactly one month since that fateful day. It was revealed that Amaterasu, the brilliant she-wolf from Okami, will be a featured playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. For those of you that don’t speak Playstationese, this is a very very very good thing.

In honor of one of the top three video game characters ever created, we present the best Okami artwork from the deviant art contest last year, for your eyepopping pleasure. Enjoy.

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Doreen Green Gone Disney.

That most amazing Marvel Disney mashup is by T. Campbell and John Waltrip. Click it to make it bigger, then wonder in the glorious goodness of Doreen Green with Chip and Dale. Squirrel Girl FTW.

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It’s Official. Squirrel Girl Will Be In The Super Hero Squad Video Game.

That amazing take on our hero was drawn by Katie Cook. What would Squirrel Girl look like in the Super Hero Squad? Will she ever be included in a video game? Soon, we will answer two questions with one stone!

Yes, it is true. Squirrel Girl will be available as a playable character in Super Hero Squad Online.

Click right here to see the truth about the new era. Then stay tuned for any and all updates as they become available.


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Stan Van Gundy Crowns Miami Heat “Best Roster in NBA History”.

I was just listening to Stan Van Gundy on The Dan LeBatard Show on 790 Radio here in Miami. He confirmed what I have been saying: The Miami Heat roster is the best in the history of the NBA.

Stan was comparing us to the Chicago Bulls in their glory days. He said this.

“Most people would still take Michael over Lebron, but Wade is much better than Pippen. Bosh is way ahead of Kukoc. Mike Miller is a better shooter than Paxson or BJ Armstrong. The Heat roster is the best that the NBA has ever seen.”


(Editors note: The above quote was slightly off, but the basics are correct.)

Exact Transcript:

“If I look at what the Bulls did winning 72 games and I look at the Heat roster, I am going to tell you that the Heat roster is better than any roster that Michael Jordan played with with the Bulls. I don’t think that people predicting them breaking the win total and being in the 70s and the whole thing, I don’t think those are expectations that are out of line based on their roster. Most people would still take Jordan over Lebron. Dwyane Wade is certainly, in my opinion anyway, as good as he was, is better than Scottie Pippen. Chris Bosh is better than Toni Kukoc. Mike Miller is every bit as good a shooter as (John) Paxson or (Steve) Kerr or anybody they put there. Plus, he’s 6′8″. If you start going down the list, I don’t think there is any question that the roster the Heat have is as talented a roster if not more so as any roster there has ever been in the NBA.”


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Marvel Comics Teases Disney Crossover: Selena Gomez as Squirrel Girl.

It looks like the Disney/Marvel merger will soon go nuts. Dan Slott suggests, on the final page of Age of Heroes #3, that Selena Gomez is being considered for a Squirrel Girl movie. Here she is in all her glory, and she really would make a keen Doreen Green.

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