Chthon and the Sedlec Ossuary.

Once upon a time, I won a card tournament with Chthon. He is one of the Elder Gods in the Marvel Universe, and he recently got a gig on the Super Hero Squad TV Show.

Chthon also holds a special place in our hearts here at Full Body Transplant since he took possession of Scarlet Witch during the Avengers Assemble storyline.

The climax of that particular myth is spectacular. It involves a voodoo doll that captures Chthon’s soul and forces him to switch back out of Wanda’s body and into his own. An action figure actually defeated an Elder God! No wonder he looks so melancholy on his throne of bone.

During our recent reverie for this comic book character and his corresponding Vs. System trading card incarnation, we suddenly realized that this is one myth that has a rather intense real-life connection. Sedlec Ossuary in Prague, Czech Republic is a cathedral made of human bones.

Chthon would feel right at home.

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