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Exploding Love.

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Summer Solstice Yoga Ritual Shuts Down New York City.


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I am Rian Fike, pleased to meet you!

Hello, my name is Rian Fike. That’s me in the middle, held up by my family. I love my family so much that I simply must show you a few more pictures of them before we go any further.

Yes I am old enough to be a grandfather and it is the most blissful thing ever. I have been teaching for 29 years in the Miami Public School System as an Art Teacher, currently at Greynolds Park Elementary. I use WordPress for many different projects, this introduction is hosted on my personal blog. I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning new ways of bringing technology into my classroom with you. For now, I will sign off with a tour of my classroom.


growth 005

growth 007

growth 017

growth 046

growth 023

growth 030

growth 045

growth 047

growth 053

growth 039

growth 055


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The Child Born From This Union Will Save The World.


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