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We need your help.

Please check out our Kickstarter project, and help us in any way you can. Pledge, share, spread the word. Thanks!

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Squirrel Girl Will Appear in Marvel Super Heroes Comic Combat by THQ.

That is real. Official. Legitimate. Squirrel Girl is appearing in the upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat game by THQ. The game interacts with the uDraw pad, so you can scribble all over the place to your heart’s content with Doreen Green.

She made it. Squirrel Girl is in a video game. Ahhh.

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A Whole New World!

See that? The card game we created six years ago is finally ready to unleash upon the world. It is called “Ocho” and we will be launching it on on July 30th.

You can follow our progress daily at:

See you there!

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