Let’s start with the banana.

That banana.

So yeah, the banana.  Combine it with the purty pink skin I chose for my bouncing baby blog and you might have yourself a sundae.  Today is Tuesday, September 25, 2007.

I am just rambling around the controls of this thing, so for now you can click these words to be transplanted inside the photograph, to that day, that place.

5 responses to “Let’s start with the banana.

  1. That is just too much awesomeness for my poor mind to comprehend.

    Best. Picture. Ever.

  2. I was standing right behind Craig when he took this.

    It’s epic.

  3. Ben Potter

    I think that if a young infant was to stare into the bare truth and life of that photograph… they would die from overexposure… maybe.

  4. Dylan

    I love this picture.

  5. Lone Wolf Pack

    I think the banana jumped higher than the Fike!!! Take dat Oranges!!!

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