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Darkstalkers Preview: Vampire Proper.




Now THAT is the way to drink blood. Jose G. has hooked us up, not only with the proper way to dress our dapper undead Jedah, but with a new keyword.

Darkness means:  Free -> Move this character to your hidden or visible area. Use only once per turn and only during the combat phase.

I don’t know about you, but I am mad for the alternate win conditions. Especially when they key on counters. Sink your teeth into the rest of the Jedah legend suite. I’m turning into a bat and flying away until next time, grooving on my favorite background in the video game turned into a Vs. System location.






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Darkstalker Preview Week: Jose G. in the House!





On TCGplayer his is known as “emmanuel”. On dot org his handle is JoseG. He is Jose Grau, and he is my new hero.

I have never been able to get enough of Anita. I often play Marvel Vs. Capcom in Beginner mode so I can just bring her back and forth onto the screen until my eyeballs are full. Now she goes Vs. System, becoming a talisman in the process.

Feast your eyes, share your reactions, and check in all week for more Jose G!

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Darkstalkers Preview: Finish Him with a Flourish.


In my humble opinion, that is the swan song from Silkmane’s Darkstalkers set. Click that link for the entire run. Then meet back here on Monday for the beginning of emmanuel’s completely different Capcom concoction!

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Darkstalkers Preview: Spectacular Silkmane.


The Spectacular Silmane Darkstalkers set features the Hunter mechanic to the max. It explores and expands the Capcom mythos beyond belief. In our house it is printed and ready to be sleeved into combat, facing off against my other favorite fan-created dream set: Terminexchet’s magnificent FLCL Essential Collection

Match-ups like that are one of the reasons that Vs. System will always live beyond the grave.

Just like Darkstalkers.

Our game mechanics form the undead skeleton, and creative community crazies like Darell “Silkmane” Allen cover it completely with the stuff of legends.

qbee qbee_demitricurseqbee_intro qbee_stinging qbee_victory




If you know me at all, you know that I am numb with pleasure thanks to those three cards. My one-cost army fantasies are coming alive in a whole new way. There are actually ten official UDE cards that interact with Plant Kingdom.  And the art.  Did I mention the art?

I wish I had more time to talk about it, but school is out for the weekend and I can’t seem to find the words. These cards have me speechless!

Stay tuned all this week for more Spectacular Silkmane, and click right here for the entire Guglio Darkstalkers set.

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Darkstalkers Preview: Pulling Strings.


That’s the last card we will preview from the Guglio Darkstalkers set here on Full Body Transplant, since it is the kind of card I live for. The original video game version of Marionette is an unlockable secret character that forces you to play a whole string of mirror matches. Guglio’s Vs. System incarnation is just as funky. Just the way I like it.


Before I sign off on this first madman’s Darkstalker set, I want to assure you that each and every card will be available soon. Meet me back here Friday for a link to the whole Guglio run, and for the beginning of the Silkmane previews. I promise a proper article at the beginning of each person’s cards, and Silkmane will be followed by a list of pure genius from Spain by emmanuel!

In the meantime, I will indulge you in my single favorite part of the Darkstalkers video game. Anakaris busts a curse if you press the right combination of buttons. The curse transforms an opposing character into a talismanic toy replica of themselves. When Toy Biz released a limited set of Darkstalkers action figures, they actually included the cursed totem versions alongside each character in the package. When Capcom created Super Puzzle Fighter II and included Chibi styled Darkstalkers, they also included the talisman Pyron floating above Ryu’s head. Bliss.

pyron_anakariscurse  bbhood_anakariscurse2 bishamon_anakariscurse1 demitri_anakariscurse donovan_anakariscurse1 donovan_anakariscurse2 felicia_anakariscurse hsienko_anakariscurse  

jedah_anakariscurse jontalbain_anakariscurse lillith_anakariscurse   qbee_anakariscurse rikuo_anakariscurse sasquatch_anakariscurse victor_anakariscurse huitzil_anakariscurse2

That is the full line-up of Anakaris cursors for your absolute visual pleasure.  Meet me back here on Friday for the beginning of Silkmane’s Darkstalkers cards!



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Darkstalkers Preview: Legendary Moves.


Guglio’s Darkstalkers set does have some legendary mechanics. Check these out.




That is one wicked bloodsucker. Now let’s wrap this thing up.




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Darkstalkers Preview: Finishing the Curve.


Yesterday we introduced the KO’d pile-driving theme of Guglio’s Darkstalkers set. Today we finish the curve with five more character cards.  Enjoy.





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