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Darkstalkers Preview: Burning Up with Anita, B.B. Hood, and Huitzil.




Darkstalkers delves deeply into the delicious darkness of horror movie archetypal characterization and plot. Capcom twisted the mythological madness of our favorite collective scary stories until they became the hottest 2D fighting game on Earth.

Now Chris “Guglio” Guglielmelli is transforming them into a Vs. System subset masterpiece. All this week we will be previewing a terrifying theme of death and destruction, while grinning ear to ear about the serious strategy slap-down it can bring to a kitchen table near you. But that’s not all…

Next week we will unveil a totally different set by Silkmane!

Good times with gobs o’ gorgeous gore – Vs. System style.


I have always thought that Darkstalkers was deadly hot, and our first card sparks a blaze that exposes the underlying theme of Guglio’s set. Vs. System’s KO’d pile is the equivalent of a graveyard, and these characters thrive on the other side of death.

One thing to note: Guglio did an amazing job of finding art that completely stretches the Darkstalkers mythos into new territory. Burning Up not only introduces the basic strategy of the set, it also serves as a touchstone to the “normal” look of the characters in the video games. Then things get freaky.

donovan_anita donovan_anita donovan_anita


Anita has always been my Number One Darkstalker, and her Vs. System version starts a fire that will be Burning Up your opponent until there ain’t none left. Filling the KO’d pile with characters has never been so cute, or so easy. It will also prove to be deadly, especially when you have a Little Red Riding Hood with a machine gun in her basket.

bbhood bbhood_crouch bbhood_punch bbhood_anakariscurse1 bbhood_demitricurse


Grandma, what big beats you have! B. B. Hood is a legend. She even showed up in an issue of Alan Moore’s Promethea. Now she will be swinging with more might than any 2-drop in history. Pack some sandwiches and pray she doesn’t drop on the other side of YOUR table. Then listen closely for the sound of grinding gears.

huitzilhuitzil_anakariscurse1 huitzil_carhuitzil_onemanband


Bigger and bigger, this bag of bolts gets. Huitzil is the first boss in the original Darkstalkers video game. His traditional image looks a whole lot like the robots in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Now he is swelling to outrageous sizes, thanks to Guglio’s Vs. System Darkstalkers set. Stay tuned to this station, add your own reviews in the comments, and rest your player’s thumb after busting all those special moves. We will preview a few more cards each day, until the whole set is spoiled properly.

Game on!




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Darkstalkers Preview: Here Kitty Kitty.



Wow. If you have ever played the Darkstalkers video game, you know the hotness that is Felicia. Now she rolls into Vs. System like a cat out of hell.

Check that combo.  Her Feline Frenzy swings for a potential 18 ATK on turn five. Rolling Thunder keeps her face-up.

Add a swarm of Soul Bees and a couple Press the Attack.


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Pocket Fighter Video!

That is all.

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The Joy of Pocket Fighter.





Pocket Fighter. Sigh.

There is a function in the game called “Edit Fighter”. You answer a series of personality questions and get your chosen Chibi Capcom character with assigned stats. You do not control the character, but you can win cards with special tweaks that allow you to adjust while trying to beat the other characters and gain more cards.

Bottomless Bliss on the PSone, Heaven on Earth.

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More Night Warriors.


I absolutely adore those bitmapped archetypes from Capcom’s Darkstalkers, but you might prefer more detailed atmospherics. If so, you are welcome to dive into…


… this one by Mario Pons.

Delicious shivers indeed.


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Darkstalkers Assemble!


Over the next month, I will be collecting and posting the best Darkstalkers artwork I can find. I have started a new category on the sidebar in case it gets scattered. Today we start with the cream of the crop, by David Velasquez.

This is gonna be good.

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Weekly Wonder Word: Fool.


(by 2dforever.)

I absolutely adore Wednesdays. My schedule at school is heavenly, and I always have time to float over to for a heaping helping of pure random inspiration.

If you forgot the drill, the Weekly Wonder Word triggers an unexpected barrage of bountiful beauty and I choose my favorite flavor of eye candy to share with you. Today it went exponential.

I typed “fool” in the search box in honor of April 1st. I got Anita. From the Darkstalkers Capcom video game series. She has always been near and dear, but this art makes one thing clear.

Must. Have. Vs. System Darkstalkers.


(by sakura-studio.)


(by bluebunnyRAFI.)


(by MasterCarlock.)


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