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Please Participate In Our New Project.

The identity of that magical miniature masterpiece can now be revealed. It is an original art sketch card included in the Marvel Heroes and Villains set from Rittenhouse Archives. It was painted by Gooney Toons and it features me as Doctor Strange!

In honor of its creation, we have started a whole new world. Please join us here:

The Sketchcard Saloon

There is a wild party going on, and we would love to have you along for the ride.

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Preparing for the Cosmic Crunchies.

As we twiddle our thumbs in anticipation of the new Super Hero Squad season and its foray into the Marvel Comics’ cosmos, we would like to have a hot little party with two very big villains. Since She-Hulk is getting Chibi and the Squaddies need to know what to expect, fill your eyes with some Galactus and Thanos sketchcards.


Sketchcard artists, in order: Andy Price, Brandon Kenney, Katie Cook, Chad Hardin, Warren Martineck, and Megan Hetrick.

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Rough Stuff for Smooth Viewing.

Last week we shared some Nar sketch cards in both the ink and color phases. Today we got the pencil sketches just in time for the weekend!

As exquisite as Nar’s pencils are, they may not hold you for the whole three days. Seeking to satisfy, we will serve a full plate of Anjin Anhut, starting with gnarly magick ink sketches and working our way to a fully rendered flourish. Dig in!

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Axebone Above All.

For the past few weeks we have been showcasing some of the outrageous Marvel Comics art from the sketch card community chest. Today we are getting alphabetical.

Axebone. That is all.

To think that these orignal art masterpieces are one-of-a-kind prizes that have been inserted in a single set? Wow.

It is true. This entire catalog of visual bliss is contained within the Rittenhouse Archives Marvel 70th Anniversary collection. Happy hunting!

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More Nar, More Color!

Nar is a singular talent. His art causes an experience of extreme eye pleasure that creates an itch for more. And more. And more.

Today we have some recent sketch cards by the master. Remember, these miniature masterpieces are only two and a half by three and a half inches. And, as a special added bonus, we get to party before and after the coloring.

The one, the only, Nar!

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Sanna Nirvana.

The artist is Sanna U. The first card is Squirrel Girl. My mind is freed from its moorings. This is bliss.

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Randy Green Transcends.

Certain artists are able to capture sublime states of being with their unique line. Randy Green is one of those.

This series of original art sketch cards seems to tell a story that cannot be expressed in words. Truly transcendent.

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Marvel Hockey Cards!

(You can find more sketch cards in the Saloon: )

That is not an illusion. Kate “Red” Bradley actually created a series of one-of-a-kind original art sketch cards that featured Marvel characters playing hockey in their signature colors. The cards were approved by Marvel and inserted into Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces packs. They now fetch prices in the neighborhood of $200 – $300… IF you can ever find one available for sale.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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His work speaks for itself, and it is one of the loudest visual screams in the world. He has a website under construction but so far it does not contain a gallery:

Therefore and forthwith we give you a mind-blowing pile of the Marvel Masterpieces of Nar. Your eyes will never be the same.

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Doreen Green is a Masterpiece.


That poignant portrait is by Taki Soma. It is owned by a collector named Guillaume, residing in France. Thanks to Marvel Masterpieces, Squirrel Girl really gets around.

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Check. This. Art.


Those are one-of-a-kind sketch cards that were included in the Marvel Masterpieces 3 packs at random. The artist is Meghan Hetrick, and she is our new hero.

Click here for more. Spectacular stuff.

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Marvel Masterpieces: Squirrel Girl.


What a beautiful little day this is. First I found that original drawing of Squirrel Girl by Katie Cook on a Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Card. Then I got permission to start an expansive new project with one of Alan Moore’s most obscure masterworks.

Life is good.

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