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Jim Parsons + Sheldon Cooper = Emmy.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is the best television character since Chris Stevens. Now he has an Emmy Award.


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Weekly Wonder Word: Fool.


(by 2dforever.)

I absolutely adore Wednesdays. My schedule at school is heavenly, and I always have time to float over to for a heaping helping of pure random inspiration.

If you forgot the drill, the Weekly Wonder Word triggers an unexpected barrage of bountiful beauty and I choose my favorite flavor of eye candy to share with you. Today it went exponential.

I typed “fool” in the search box in honor of April 1st. I got Anita. From the Darkstalkers Capcom video game series. She has always been near and dear, but this art makes one thing clear.

Must. Have. Vs. System Darkstalkers.


(by sakura-studio.)


(by bluebunnyRAFI.)


(by MasterCarlock.)


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Watchmen Squid: The Real Ending.


If you liked the Watchmen movie, you will love the comic book. Especially the psychedelic squid; the original world-uniting custom-designed disaster that saves humanity. Take my word for it, the ending is much better on paper.



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Obscure Characters Desperate For Their Own Cards: Crazy Quilt.


Life is a crazy quilt of connections. Letting go of everything allows one to stand of the verge of nothing and become a patchwork kaleidoscope of infinite possibility.

One possible villain who needs a Vs. System card? Crazy Quilt.

I wrote a bit about this mad artist on the mothership once upon a time.

Life went on for the Outsiders, but a single image in the final issue of my 30-book immersion distracted me from their mission. The last story contained a panel that flashed something even more vibrant than usual. Could my eyes be deceiving me, or did I just catch a glimpse of the Crazy Quilt?

Sixty years ago, Jack Kirby created one of the most colorful personalities in the entire comic book universe. Crazy Quilt was a successful artist and a master criminal. He left instructions for his henchmen by using coded imagery in his paintings. The strategy was just too cool, but it couldn’t last. During a botched robbery, a bullet to the eye blinded him, and then he got busted.




While in prison, Crazy Quilt volunteered for an experiment to restore his eyesight. A special helmet was fused to his optic nerves. It went haywire and caused him to see colors so bright that they drove him mad. He fought Batman, Robin, and the Boy Commandos throughout the ages, and then disappeared from continuity. In Outsiders #50, he is back . . . as a woman.

Gail Simone is the mastermind behind the reemergence of Crazy Quilt, and she has not yet revealed the secrets of his modern transformation. Whatever’s going on, it is extremely intense to look at.



Now, a year after I wrote that, I stumbled upon a very special description of Crazy Quilt on an art site. It also linked me to Mark Newport”s hand-knitted superhero costumes.



Crazy Quilt is an obscure D.C comics villain who ran around in a patchwork patterned tunic and tights which he accesorized with a jaunty scarf. Crazy Quilt referred to himself as the “King of Color Crimes”and he could shoot light rays out of a special hat. Sadly, he didn’t last long.

What would Crazy Quilt’s cards look like? The possibilities are endless. One more time, quoting myself…


Life is  a crazy quilt of connections. Letting go of everything allows one to stand of the verge of nothing and become a patchwork kaleidoscope of infinite possibility.



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Obscure Characters Desperate For Their Own Cards: The Collector.


The Collector is an Elder of the Universe, one of a handful of beings who have lived since shortly after the Big Bang. The Elders sustain their lives through their monomaniacal obsessions with certain things. The Collector’s life-sustaining obsession? Collecting, of course.

Like all good hobbyists, the Collector strives to complete his sets. He has been repeatedly frustrated in his attempts to add the Avengers, Earth’s greatest super-heroes, to his collection. At least it keeps him alive.


The following passages are from the Collector’s wikipedia entry, with bold emphasis added:

Taneleer Tivan is one of the Elders of the Universe and is close to his fellow Elder En Dwi Gast (the Grandmaster). He apparently came to self-awareness billions of years ago, on the planet Cygnus X-1. He is an enormously powerful being who wielded the Power Primordial, though at first he took the appearance of an old human his true form is a powerful alien.

For millions of years, the Collector lived on an unknown world with his wife and child, spending his days in thought and contemplation. When his wife lost the will to live and relinquished her immortality, the Collector realized he would need a hobby to maintain his own sanity, and began collecting interesting artifacts and life forms from around the universe. Eventually, his obsession reached such heights he collected anything he considered rare or valuable often just for the sake of collecting. As such, he has a wide variety of rare or unique items at his disposal.

The Collector possesses the ability to manipulate cosmic energy for a variety of effects, including projecting concussive force beams, and the increasing of his size and mass (and hence physical strength) at will. He also possesses limited shape-changing abilities. His precognitive abilities give him brief visions of alternate future, although he must meditate for long periods to identify the individuals he sees in the vision and its apparent point in time. He has telepathic abilities that enable him to make limited contact with the minds of other Elders. Due to a vow by Death, Collector and all the Elders cannot die and are effectively immortal.

The Collector has a vast knowledge and comprehension of, and a large collection of the advanced science and technology of numerous alien worlds. His armored battle-suit is made of the alien metal etherion that amplifies the wearer’s strength to superhuman levels and has jets permitting flight. He uses various weapons from many time periods and different worlds. Among his arsenal from Earth’s past are catapults, Tibetan crystal balls that emit mystical rays, and magic beans that can conjure up warrior giants. He possesses a magic lamp that can summon a four-headed djinn with mystical powers. His Vegan “Boxes” are rectangular “interdimensional traps” that can weaken a victim’s strength or sanity. Other weapons include gigantic robot guards, a stun beam, and stasis beams. The Collector also has zoos of alien beasts which he can release to attack his adversaries. Among this is Snake-Eyes, an enormous alien serpent with hypnotic powers. Other items in his collection include: the Obedience Potion, with which the Collector can compel a human victim to do his bidding; the Cosmic Viewer, with which he can monitor events on various worlds; a Kymellian translation/control device resembling a flute, with which he can communicate with other living beings; and a time probe enabling him to find and procure artifacts from other time periods.


With crystal balls, magic beans, and a giant hypnotic serpent named Snake-Eyes, the Collector seems like a Vs. System team affiliation all to himself. At the very least he deserves Legendary status. The creative juices are flowing, and my mind reels with the possibilities sitting there waiting in his vast cosmic inventory. Who knows what kind of kooky cardboard cornucopia will be spilled from the treasure chest of the Collector? Maybe you have some ideas?

Leave a comment with any potential abilities and mechanics while I head to the Magic Set Editor to paste-up some versions. This will be the most fun the Collector has had since the Big Bang.


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