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What Is Going On Here? Squirrel Girl in New Avengers #19 Preview.

This is a preview page from New Avengers #19 by Mike Deodato and Brian Michael Bendis. We don’t understand it at all.


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Squirrel Girl gives Wolverine a Beatdown!

That is the cover for our favorite Marvel comic book of all time, but you cannot get it yet. It will go on sale in three weeks. The scene will be burned into our collective consciousness forever. Squirrel Girl gives Wolverine a beatdown, in continuity.


Yes, that occurs in a real Marvel comic book.  Squirrel Girl is now legend.

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Squirrel Girl Will Appear in Marvel Super Heroes Comic Combat by THQ.

That is real. Official. Legitimate. Squirrel Girl is appearing in the upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat game by THQ. The game interacts with the uDraw pad, so you can scribble all over the place to your heart’s content with Doreen Green.

She made it. Squirrel Girl is in a video game. Ahhh.

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Squirrel Girl Looking Good!

Squirrel Girl has never looked better. Ever. Don Hillsman II is one of the artists who did original art sketch cards for the Marvel Dangerous Divas set. We were lucky enough to snag that one!

For more sketch card goodness, click on over to the Sketchcard Saloon. You’ll be glad you did.

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Officially Licensed Squirrel Girl Shirts!

Yes my furry little fanatics, our wait is over. Just in time for the holidays, Mighty Fine Tees is slapping ink on fabric in the configuration that we have been dying to see for years.

Official Squirrel Girl shirts!

Those are just a taste. See the whole collection and get yours here:

And, obviously, don’t forget to collect your back-up nuts!

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Breaking Squirrel Girl News!

The Squirrel Girl wave is about to crash into the mainstream of Marvel mythology. Yesterday at the New York Comic Con Brian Michael Bendis dropped a big bombshell for bushy-tailed freaks everywhere: Doreen Green is appearing in the New Avengers.

No, Harley Quinn is not crossing over. That little ditty is just a raucous romp by pennycandies on The truth about Squirrel Girl’s new gig goes like this, straight from the Bendis’s mouth:

She will be chosen as the nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ baby, and she will be found to have “a hidden past with some of the members.”

It’s true, and Bendis confirmed it yesterday. He has “written his Squirrel Girl issue”, and she will soon be part of the New Avengers. I can’t think of a better piece of news for 10/10/10.

Party on!

Squirrel Girl sketch card by George “Geo” Davis.


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MODOK Yes, Squirrel Girl Maybe.

NYCC has some big news for MvC3. MODOK is going to be in the game. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will feature a creepy grin in a floating chair.

What does this mean for Squirrel Girl? Well, she did already beat the big-headed freak, so we do have historical precedence. Hmmm…

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