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Pages From Paradise.

In a glorious antithesis to the historical significance of yesterday’s date, we have a whole new plane flying into Manhattan this morning. One of its passengers is Doreen Green, also known as Squirrel Girl.

We do not know quite yet what our hero is doing in New York City. We have, however, been blessed by the original black line pages of her appearance in I Am An Avenger #1, thanks to the artist Tom Fowler himself.

Tom runs a beauty of a blog that behooves you to visit:

As for me, I am heading back to the paradise of Central Park in black and white with Squirrel Girl.

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I Am An Avenger #1: Squirrel Girl Returns.

Spoilers Galore today. If you don’t want to know what happens with Squirrel Girl in the inaugural issue of I Am An Avenger, escape now!

That is the cover of issue #1. I Am An Avenger seeks to introduce the full expanse of the Avengers stable over the course of five installments. Squirrel Girl is included right off the bat, and she is flying “home” to Manhattan. We never knew that she considered Central Park her own personal love grotto, and it makes for some spectacular Tom Fowler scribbles.

One thing that is perfectly captured in her two-page story? The bliss of being Squirrel Girl. You can see it in her face the entire time. She is joy incarnate, and it shows.

There are a whole lotta roots exposed in this little ditty, as it seems that Doreen Green’s crush on Iron Man is being rekindled. Maybe he will finally let her partner up?

It ends way too soon. It teases like mad. Squirrel Girl is bringing her furry tail to New York City for future features in the Avengers titles, and we will be pulling our hair out in anticipation of her next appearance all over again.

Good times.

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Squirrel Girl Comes Home.

That comic book was released into the world yesterday. It contains one of the most anticipated stories in history.

Squirrel Girl is coming home for the very first time.

As you can see, our hero has gotten her own gig. Her origin story and her unbeatable powers have never been explained. Now is the time.

Tom Fowler is the artist. This is a fresh prince moment, since Tom has never done Marvel before.

Doreen Green is the coolest character ever seen. She is an Avenger, and Tom Fowler is taking her places she has never been.  Tune in tomorrow for Squirrel Girl homecoming spoilers. These are very exciting times.

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Chris Sims Warms The Icy Cockles With Squirrel Girl.


Here at Full Body Transplant we catch a bit of grief over our obsession with Squirrel Girl. Well, it’s not just us. Today we proudly present a quote from the world reknowned Chris Sims.  We could not have said it better ourselves.

If I had to point to one thing about the Comics Internet that warmed the icy cockles of my heart, it would unquestionably be the fact that, thanks largely to Dan Slott, Squirrel Girl has achieved the level of cult fame that she always deserved.

I love Squirrel Girl, mostly because she’s rooted in the idea of “What if we made the most ridiculous character we could possibly think of, and then had her win every time?” In a universe that prides itself on being grounded in a version of realism that still allows for gamma bombs and radioactive spiders, she’s a pure, shining beacon of fun, and everyone who likes her seems to get that it’s because she’s constantly, effortlessly punching way above her weight class. Forget knuckle spikes and the ability to talk to forest rodents, her real super-power is winning.

I think it reaches its definitive peak in the “GLX-Mas” special, in a story where Dan Slott and Matt Haley not only have her take out Thanos, then has the Watcher on hand to enshrine it as an immutable, incontrovertible element of Marvel continuity, which is basically Slott getting all up in your grill and going “Did you see that? Because That. Just. Happened.

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Doreen Green Gone Disney.

That most amazing Marvel Disney mashup is by T. Campbell and John Waltrip. Click it to make it bigger, then wonder in the glorious goodness of Doreen Green with Chip and Dale. Squirrel Girl FTW.

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It’s Official. Squirrel Girl Will Be In The Super Hero Squad Video Game.

That amazing take on our hero was drawn by Katie Cook. What would Squirrel Girl look like in the Super Hero Squad? Will she ever be included in a video game? Soon, we will answer two questions with one stone!

Yes, it is true. Squirrel Girl will be available as a playable character in Super Hero Squad Online.

Click right here to see the truth about the new era. Then stay tuned for any and all updates as they become available.


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Marvel Comics Teases Disney Crossover: Selena Gomez as Squirrel Girl.

It looks like the Disney/Marvel merger will soon go nuts. Dan Slott suggests, on the final page of Age of Heroes #3, that Selena Gomez is being considered for a Squirrel Girl movie. Here she is in all her glory, and she really would make a keen Doreen Green.

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Squirrel Girl Beats Fin Fang Foom And Goes Solo.

That is the final page of Age of Heroes #3, on the shelves as we speak. Our girl Doreen Green has now defeated Thanos, Baron Mordo, Doctor Doom, Fin Fang Foom, MODOK, and Ego the Living Planet. She is officially leaving the Great Lakes Avengers and she may finally get a solo title.

It is the most exciting announcement since the historical new roster of the Miami Heat. Squirrel Girl is coming into her own in the Marvel Universe, and even Ego cannot slow her strokes.

Party on!

(Official Squirrel Girl IM2 card by George Davis.)

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The True Origin of Squirrel Girl.

If Squirrel Girl tugs and stretches your entire being into pretzels of obsessive bliss like me, I have a truly magnificent announcement for you today.

Her true origin has finally been revealed.

Will Murray has spilled ALL the Squirrel Girl beans in Rob Imes’ fabulous new issue of Ditkomania. You really must obtain your own copy of #79 and wallow in the most spectacular old-school zine in the world. The writing is magnificent, and the secrets of Doreen Green’s creation are mind blowing.

Here are the crispiest nuggets:

1. Will Murray actually wanted to cut loose from the serious drama of the X-Men titles and bring back the light-hearted anything-goes joy of comic books.

2. Monkey Joe was a real squirrel, and Doreen Green was a real girl.

3. Steve Ditko invented the costume and eyeliner himself.

With one last standing ovation for Rob Imes and Will Murray, I leave you today with the finished full color Iron Man 2 Squirrel Girl card by George “Geo” Davis. Now that we know her true origins, we love her even more. Forever.


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Squirrel Girl for a New Age.

Those are the preliminary pencils for a custom Artist Proof card being created by George “Geo” Davis.

Stay tuned for inks and color. The world will never be the same.

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Squirrel Girl Goes Mobile.

She is here on my phone, and when I push this button she goes worldwide!


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“Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. It could happen.”


Dan Slott had one simple statement when asked about the Disney acquisition of Marvel Comics.

“Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. It could happen.”




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