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Leonard Cohen Saves.

Do not miss Leonard Cohen on tour. That video shows him kicking it off here in South Florida last night. It was the best musical performance I have ever seen in my life. I still have tears in my eyes. I especially loved the drastic shift from the first set to the second. The first was driving bubbling lava, the second soothing soul syrup.

Click right here for our full review of the show with fabulous photographs.

Here’s the set list, thanks to JSA!

First Set
• Dance Me To The End Of Love
• The Future
• Ain’t No Cure For Love
• Bird On The Wire
• Everybody Knows
• In My Secret Life
• Who By Fire (with long Spanish(?) guitar intro)
• Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
• Waiting For The Miracle
• Anthem (with introductions of band members)

Second Set
• Tower Of Song
• Suzanne
• Sisters Of Mercy
• The Gypsy’s Wife
• The Partisan
• Boogie Street
• Hallelujah
• I’m Your Man
• A Thousand Kisses Deep (spoken)
• Take This Waltz

First Encores
• So Long, Marianne
• First We Take Manhattan

Second Encores
• Famous Blue Raincoat
• If It Be Your Will (Leonard spoken verses, Webb sisters sung)
• Closing Time

Final Encores
• I Tried To Leave You
• Whither Thou Goest (tutti a cappella)

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Sunday Mandala: Madrox Madness.



MXM188   MXM188

That is one of the cards that changed my life. The entire community came together to celebrate the most powerful Multiple Man in the game. Ryan Sook did the original painting, I made the mandala in Kaleider.

Enjoy the Madrox Madness. We sure did.

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Sunday Mandala: Sarah Palin Edition.


I have watched the speech three times since I posted my original thoughts, and I still cannot understand a thing Sarah Palin was trying to say. I love it. It was like performance art. It makes you wonder.

Please, Sarah. Please don’t disappear. You make me laugh. You make me laugh a lot. Things just wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Sunday Mandala: Tributes and Remixes.


What a fanglorious Sunday morning this is. Basking in the glow of one human masterpiece reinterpreted by another artist. If you open your ears all the way, you can hear countless cover versions and re-mixes of Michael Jackson’s exquisite catalog coating the entire surface of the Earth. Inevitable synchronicity dragged my eyes across the sizzle of the googlesphere toward a blinking bauble by Alex Duplation Mediation for breakfast. It is a New Day Rising.

You see, today’s mandala is an interpretation of Julie Dillon’s champagne bottle crashing with a splash against the flying angel pointed toward the horizon that launched this ship. I started the Sunday Mandala feature twelve weeks ago with her work. Today that image has been spectacularized into a morffledelic chakrabbalah map to the center of infinity equals one equals zero.

What a fanglorious Sunday morning this is.

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Sunday Mandala: Father’s Day Edition.


I chose that Mandala for Father’s Day because of the detailed explanation of the elements. Dads are always good at figuring things out.

Happy Father’s Day, to one and all. It is a VERY special one for me this year!

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New Spider-Man Mandala Debuts in September.


Remember the Spider-Man Mandala we found on an old silk tie? It seems that the big boys in the offices of Marvel Comics dug it. They will be unleashing a brand spanking new one in September, on the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #2.

Most awesome.

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Sunday Mandala: Under Construction.


As another school year comes to a close, my new gig at Broward College is about to blossom. In perfect synchronicity, I found some sketches by the umbrella to represent the new era beckoning ahead.


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Sunday Mandala: Five fingers, Four dimensions.


That “handala” is by inkeyling, and it begs the question.

Is everything that happens to us saved somewhere in a big external memory bank or something? Touch it once, have it forever?

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Sunday Mandala: Squirrel Girl Edition.


Still glowing from the vote of confidence that our beloved Squirrel Girl was awarded yesterday by Dan Slott himself, I found a matching Mandala for the weekly ritual.

She’s in there somewhere, I swear.

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Sunday Mandala: Spider-Man So Silky and Smooth.



I know it is Wolverine’s big weekend, but Spidey slung some seriously sweet stuff our way on Saturday and now I just found him randomizing this week’s Sunday Mandala with a necktie listing on ebay. Wipe the web off your face and let me explain.



Jango Fett posted a thread on dot org listing a few decks he needed to liquidate. I was lucky enough to plant a claim on the single coolest stall concoction I have ever seen. Here is the list, what should we call it?

4x Aunt May-Golden Oldie (1 Foil)
4x Black Cat- Nine Lives (All EA)
4x Spider-Man- Ultimates (Foil)
4x Spider-Man- The Sensational Spider-Man (3 Slider Version, 1 Foil)
1x Spider-Man- Zombie (Foil)
4x Spider-Man- Alien Symbiote (3 Foil)
3x Spider-Man- Outlaw
4x Scarlet Spider-Ben Reilly (All Foil)
3x Spider-Man- Stark’s Protege (All EA)
1x Spider-Man- Cosmic Spider-Man (Foil Alternate Art)
1x The Sentry- Golden Guardian of Good
1x Galactus-Devourer of Worlds

Plot Twists:
4x Indebted (1 Foil)
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Spider Senses (1 Foil)
4x Spider-Signal

3x Empire State University (1 Foil)
4x New Baxter Building (All EA)

3x Ego Gem (All EA)



 I asked Jango to give me a quick instruction manual on how to play the thing. You know me, I have never stalled in my life. Here follows his brilliant basics. I especially adore the draw engine.



The general idea is to draw most of your deck and brick everything the opponent does until you Galactus him.

The mulligan condition is Black Cat, Ego Gem, or New Baxter Building. I’m assuming you know how the draw engine works, so you just do that every turn for tons of cards in hand.




The ideal play goes like this. (You want evens. It doesn’t really change how you play, but if your opponent has Galactus too, then you still end up with all the life on 9.)

1: Aunt May for a free Spidey.
2: Black Cat with Ego Gem. Start drawing.
3: Spidey Ultimates. I usually save the web counters till turn 5 or so, because you probably won’t lose a character before that.
4: The Sensational Spider-Man.
5: Alien Symbiote: you can use all the extra Spidey’s you’ve probably drawn to pump the 5 drop to gigantic proportions.



 (Editor’s Note: I totally love the idea of the Alien Symbiote swelling with counters, but I am adding one Secret Avenger in case I face a hot little honey named Zazz or something. Now back to the tutorial.)

6: Spidey Outlaw: I would use the 6 from Marvel Knights because he is AMAZING, but that requires Clone Saga, which takes up needed space, so outlaw is the next best thing. You can play Scarlet Spider, but then you don’t get web counters, plus you would need another one in your hand to clone on 7.
7: Stark’s Protege: Yet more stalley goodness.
8: If you have evens, then Cosmic Spidey is your preferred drop, because then you can use your probably massive board to smack up your opponent. If you have odds, the Sentry plus Stark’s Protege means you don’t need to worry about much. Plus by this point you would have gone through at most 42 cards ( With Black cat, Ego Gem, and Baxter up and running on turn 2, more if you also got ESU as well) so you would have a mit full of pumps.
9: Galactus: Play him and the game is probably yours. There isn’t much anyone can do at this point, because you can exhaust every single 9 drop ever made with your 7 and 8.

You need Scarlet Spider by turn 4 to clone Spider-Man. Other than that, you use the web counters you get every turn with the Ultimates Spidey, the 4 drop and gift wrapped to make your opponent angry. The you brick everything with Spider Senses and Spider-Signal.

I had tons of fun with this deck. It’s interesting to see what your opponent tries to do, because they usually only have 1 character to attack with!


So there you have it. Stu soon stalls, and our particular kitchen table world will never be the same.




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Sunday Mandala: Gnomo Sapien.


This one speaks for itself. Here’s the source. Happy Sunday.

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Sunday Mandala: Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Kingdom Hearts Gummi Ship Masterpiece.


For anyone who recognizes that screen from Kingdom Hearts, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is an actual custom Gummi Ship in the form of a flying Mandala.

Here is a keen video of a Keyblade Gummi Ship if you’ve got a minute:

A new day has risen in our house. We bundled up a bag ‘o stuff and traded up from PSone to Playstation 2. The world will never be the same. Obviously one of our first two games is Kingdom Hearts (2). The other? My favorite genre of all time. 2D fighter!

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is Heaven on Earth. I immediately fell in love with a Mudman/Athena combo (select her with Square and she is chocklit!) and ran off a string of 17 victories to unlock her with the dude in the big mask.

So now you know where I will be when I am not blogging. Soaked deep in sprite paradise. Game on!

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