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Comic-Con 2009: Cosplay Costumed Caption Contest and Character Identification Treasure Hunt.


Here’s the deal. We have selected our 12 favorite cosplay costumed characters from Comic-Con 2009. Now it’s up to you. Identify all twelve. Tell us what they are thinking. Win prizes. In exactly 14 days we will choose a winner, and that lucky fool will recieve a custom hand-painted tee shirt glorifying their brilliance. That’s right. The champion gets to wear their winning entry.

You can leave your guesses and captions in the comments, or send them email.  Ready, set, put on the costume, go!












Mad love to greatwhitesnark for the photographs, now get crackin’!


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Tiny Treasure Hunt: Stu’s New Game.


Nina and I have played this game every night for a week.  Seriously, we have.

The person who can answer these questions first wins any three rares in my possession that do not fit in my weenie decks. Ready, set, Unicorn!

1. What is the name of the game?

2. Why is that the perfect opening hand?

3. What characters did Ulysses become to win the game on turn three?

4. What is that on the wall behind the cards?

5. What is that Pandora thing all about?

6. What’s up with the juxtaposed images? It was not done with Photoshop, so how did the Unicorns get on the Pandora screen?

Go get ’em, Zebra.


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Russian Spiderman… and Sentinels?


Big ups to Seventh Soldier for turning us on to some amazing Russian folk art.  The fact that it depicts a few of our favorite superstars in the modern mythological pop culture stew is gravy.

Spiderman gropes!

The robot scene, however, is a mystery.  Could it be the shiny purple Sentinels that warm the cockles of my heart?  A boy can dream…


Hit that Russian madness and see if you can figure out who the legends are.  Then run back here to the blog and translate for me.  I will award my final copy of Parallax to the first person with a full list.  Thanks.


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Tiny Treasure Hunt: Aquaman Edition.


Yep, he’s still wrapped up.  That is a limited edition worth $1,000, with Pony, from this auction:

This Tiny Treasure Hunt is simple, but rather difficult.  The first person to post the existence or non-existence of a low-drop Aquaman from DC Legends on this blog wins good Infinite Crisis rares.  Happy anticipation, I’ll see you back here when someone busts the lucky pack.


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Tiny Treasure Hunt: World Record Edition.


With a few copies of Fatality on the line, answer these:

What is that, how did we win it, why is it a World Record, and what made it so difficult to achieve?


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Tiny Treasure Hunt: Collector’s Edition.


This is the only room in the house that Nina allowed me to decorate all by myself.  Identify as many toys as you can to win money rares from Infinite Crisis.  You can click on the pic for more details.  In twelve days I will announce the winner.


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Tiny Treasure Hunt: Stat Pack.


(Facing off against the Avalanche Rider himself, photo by Craig Gibson)

For each deck, you need to find at least five different things.

  1. Who is credited with “inventing” the deck, and what has happened to them in the meantime?
  2. What is the basic template for the deck? 
  3. What is the best tournament result with the deck, and who played it?
  4. What is the total amount of money won with the deck in the Top 8s of PCs and $10Ks?
  5. Is the deck the most accomplished representative of its primary team affiliation?  If not, which other deck won more with that team affiliation, and what are the answers to #1, #2, and #3 for that deck?

Your target decks: Wild Vomit, AGL, and War Paint.  Of course.


This Tiny Treasure Hunt will be different, much more exhaustive, and I will be the arbiter of all final numbers and answers.  Some of the questions actually lend themselves to expanded interpretation.  Things should get interesting.  All daytime questions need to be addressed here on the blog since I can’t get to Realms from work.  If you need to ask something without the world knowing, drop me a line at:


I will send rares as prizes, and as always… Happy Hunting.



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