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Vs. System Camicia: A very alternate format.

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Last night Nina and I were battling it out in our weekly Friday Midnight Championship for the usual prizes. We were playing a game that no human being had yet experienced.

Vs. System Camicia.

I found the game by serendipity. It was the first 2-player game listed alphabetically in the “C” group.

It plays like War on steroids, and we increased the dose. The original  game uses only 4 of each power card.

Here is our version of the Italian game, using Vs. System cards.

8 1-cost
8 2-cost
8 3-cost

28 other cards

52 card deck

(Use the cards you love to look at, we did.)


Shuffle and deal all the cards until each player has 26. Flip cards sequentially into a shared pile starting with the dealer.

Any card not costing 1,2, or 3 is powerless and play continues.

1, 2, and 3-cost cards are power cards and they can capture the pile.

When a 1-cost card is flipped, the opponent has 1 chance to flip a power card and gain control.

When a 2-cost card is flipped, the opponent has 2 chances to flip a power card and gain control.

When a 3-cost card is flipped, the opponent has 3 chances to flip a power card and gain control.

If a power card is flipped in response, the burden of power shifts immediately to the player who played the initial power card. (EXAMPLE: If the initial power card is a 3, and the first opposing card flipped is another power card, the other 2 cards are not flipped.)

If the opponent does not flip a power card in response to the original power card, the pile is gained.

Play continues until one player is out of cards.

It works really well, especially when watching the wacky combination of characters that come up. If you like playing War, you will love this. It’s a great way to enjoy those cards that always looked really cool but never made their way into a deck.



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Vintage Playstation Endings.




Okay, so we haven’t upgraded our game system since Playstation One. We still own the greatest ending screens of all time.

Does anyone know what those pics are from and what I had to do to win them?

Do you have any other Vintage Playstation Endings to share with the class?

Oh. One more thing. Total Chaos. This world is now mine.


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School’s Out!!!

                      popartmonkey   popartmonkey   popartmonkey   popartmonkey   popartmonkey   popartmonkeyocean_floor_excitement_by_popartmonkey

(Exploding heads and fitting painting by popartmonkey.)

I don’t ever remember being so totally exhausted heading into a winter break. This is my 26th year teaching and the return to elementary school feels like a Savage Beatdown. I love it.

After I sink to the bottom of the ocean and recharge my tentacles, I will start in earnest on the Promethea Essential Collection and the Obscure Characters Desperate For Their Own Cards.

Right now… School’s Out!!!

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President Obama, the Artist.


My formal education was focused on Fine Arts, yet I consider every person an artist. No matter what you do or how you do it, you have your own sense of style.

But.  If we do not rescue the Arts at this turning point in our nation’s history, our cultural identity will be reduced to basic marketing and data processing. We will all still be artists, but we won’t be any good.

When it comes to the visual arts and Arts education, we are in trouble. The struggling economy combines with an emphasis on high-stakes standardized tests to strangle the creativity from our national voice. Arts programs and teachers are being cut from the system like blooming branches, leaving nothing but a bare trunk.

That is the main reason I focused all the energies I had on electing Barack Obama as President of the United States. After our completely exhausting, yet utterly satisfying victory, the new website was launched. I rushed over to see how the platform for the Arts contained in my first link had been preserved. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Before I go any further, I would like to introduce the work of Michael Murphy, exhibited in the Blackridge Gallery at Georgia College & University. The magnificent drawing at the top of this post is his, and his wire sculpture knocks my socks off.  Mike was gracious enough to give me permission to host his stuff here, but you really need to visit his site to get the full effect. Again, that’s It will enrich your soul.

The swirling uncontrolled greed that George W. Bush and his cronies unleashed on our nation has depleted the resources necessary for the Arts to thrive in our schools. Barack Obama understands that “The Art Spirit” needs to have a home in education and in our culture as a whole. He clarified his position a bit more within an issues page on, and he actually admitted that he considers himself an artist!

Barack Obama’s Plan


Our nation’s creativity has filled the world’s libraries, museums, recital halls, movie houses, and marketplaces with works of genius. The arts embody the American spirit of self-definition. As the author of two best-selling books – Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama uniquely appreciates the role and value of creative expression.

At first I was conflicted. Whoever wrote “as the author of two best-selling books” should have known how crass and common that pitch would sound. When I calmed down enough to understand what it was trying to say (taking out the “best-selling” would help for me) I realized that basically…

Our new President Elect considers himself an artist. As should we all.

John Lee took that photograph. It was two years ago, as Barack the Artist was sharing his work with an appreciative audience during a book signing. His chosen medium has changed drastically in 24 months. He will now be molding the clay of the entire planet.

Of course the tiny blurb about the Arts on the new website is nothing substantial. It is still more than we have heard from anyone this close to the ability to enact real change. Combined with the call for feedback sitting one click away from it on the page, it is more than enough for me.

Our cries have been heard, and understood, and championed by a fellow creative soul. President Obama, we salute you. Artist to artist.

By Joe Raedle, right down here in Miami.

By schwa242 at

By artumus-gonzo at

By roberlan at

Whatever your style, whatever your most important issue, make sure you click around on until you find something to add to the new national suggestion box. There is a new day rising for feedback between the government and its people. Be creative with it, and express yourself. We are all artists in our own way. And now we have a President who understands that.


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Weekend in Heaven: World Championship Edition.

(Master Mold, chilling, by Cully Hamner. From Upper Deck’s Vs. System.)

Wondering about Worlds…

Should I play Sea Creatures, no matter what?

What if Marvel Universe brings some sort of tiny army goodness that tastes even better?

What do you think the Modern metagame will look like, knowing that we only have a very limited amount of MUN information?


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Weekend in Heaven: We still got it.


(Viva la Revolucion! by John Van Fleet, from Upper Deck’s Vs. System.)

Not much time to talk, just enough time to quote from an amazing article:

“We still got it. The collective unconscious, the deep sense of inner wisdom, that intuitive knowing that borders on a kind of mystical proficiency, where millions of people can actually look beyond rhetoric and media spin and merely feel the presence of something great in the room? Yep, still there. Who knew?

For the moment, I trust the collective intuition. I trust the shockingly widespread sense, not merely of hope and change, but of collective wisdom swimming though the air like an electrical surge between every smart, creative person on the planet right now, a bolt of energy that says: Hey, we’re still together. We still got it. Smart, intuitive people are still a force. There is life in the revolution yet.”

– Mark Morford 

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Weekend in Heaven: Spring Break Edition.


(The Rain of Acorns by Juvuan Kirby.  From Upper Deck’s Vs. System.)

Give me a whole week off, and things will get nuts.  While Nina and I are shaking the tree to high heaven, you might want to find out where you fall in our polls on the Daily Kos.  I should be able to come up for air long enough to update that with a new question every day.  Happy sprouting, happy Spring.

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Weekend in Heaven: A Different Kind of Egg.


We will be busy cutting stencils and pouring our art into some seriously vibrant shirts this weekend, Happy Easter!


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Weekend in Heaven: Cutting Loose.


Is a human life just a long series of addictions?  Are we actually hooked on survival, and when that flow runs out, do we get an automatic fix?  Whatever those answers may be for you, I often give my daily grind a quick scan to see what I am stuck on at the moment.  If I find something that has an unhealthy hold, I turn the focus to something else.  After all, the only thing worse than a monkey on the back is one that has you by the throat. 

Slip the grip and fly.


(“Human Torch, Sparky” by Steve Rude.   “Coup d’ Etat” by Scabrouspencil.  Both from Upper Deck’s Vs. System.) 


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Weekend in Heaven: Wallowing in Wonderland.


(Color Coordinated Kang by Ariel Olivetti, from Upper Deck’s Vs. System.)

Man Oh Man.  Very exciting times.  I will be overloading the hunk of meat in my skull all weekend, collating the coolest stuff I can find.  Best.  Job.  Ever.  Massive Thanks to everyone at Upper Deck, and to the entire creative community for giving me such a brilliant smorgasbord to browse.  This is gonna be fun.


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Weekend in Heaven: Writer’s Flock.


I feel like a superhero myself sometimes.  The evil plans of Gravity and Inertia will not deny my mission; I will write today about the Infinates.  (I must get finished before the Oscars.)  Now, if I can only get this Ballot Manipulation Ring to make sure Kitty Pryde wins Best Actress.  Of course Best Picture would be nice too.  We shall see how strong these powers really are. 

Go Go Shadowcat!  Go Go Juno!

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Weekend in Heaven: Squirrel Girl for the win.


I have no connection to the interwebs at home this weekend, which obviously means Nina and I will be swapping skin for two days straight.  While I am at a friend’s house with access, I wanted to post that insanely synchronistic high five from the Snark Master.  (Check my blogroll for further details.) 

See y’all on Monday, have a squirrelly weekend.


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