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Age of Apocalypse Preview: Second Wave.


(Original art Rogue sketch cards by jessasketch.)

Vs. System is getting a second wind, and today I have the honor of previewing its new fan-created Second Wave. The card is pretty amazing. Not only does it bring some of the most pure power ever for the one-cost army freaks among us, it features our darling Rogue.


Yes, my War Paint just got its wish. All those Infernal Minions wallowing in the graveyard are dancing wildly in response. While I go tell Tattooed Man about our good fortune, you can head over to TCGplayer.com and upgrade your favorite flavors with the new Age of Apocalypse raid deck.

It will put the wind back in your sails.



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Age of Apocalypse Preview: Unus and The Infinites.


I have a love/hate relationship with Unus, the Untouchable. Back in 2004, I had the privilege of being a member of Team Realmworx. We entered Pro Circuit Los Angeles with two favored decks, and I was not up to the brain drain of Teen Titans. That left me with The New Brotherhood.

It allowed me to play Unus. Ryan Jones, our teammate, christened the card “Unus the Humiliator”. If you could beat someone with such a pathetic character, your opponent would be shamed beyond recognition. I won a feature match against Chris Price with it.

The TNB deck did not take me very far beyond that, but Ryan Jones won our team the rings. $40,000 in one big check and the rest is history.


Four years later and Vs. System has entered an alternate timeline into the future. Unus is coming along with an updgrade. Thanks to the wicked wiles of the Illuminatish card creators at TCGplayer.com, we are blessed with a bouncing baby raid deck for the Age of Apocalypse and our lovable laughingstock has gone large.


In the beginning, there was a major switch. Professor X’s son Legion traveled back in time to kill Magneto and prevent the bad things that his Brotherhood would eventually do. Xavier chased the time trail and jumped in front of the bullet. Legion unwittingly killed his father, retroactively erasing himself from existence. Seeing the sacrifice that the professor offered, Magneto vowed to fight for good instead of evil. Even the mutant-hating shiny purple Sentinels had a change of heart. The Age of Apocalypse was born.

The year was 1995, and the Marvel Comics mutant superstars were expanding their stage. Parallel alignment of loyalty flipped the script; villains of all kinds were now forming allegiances of honor and righteousness. The other side of this redeeming alchemy also allowed Apocalypse to murder millions of humans in order for our heroes to show us how to triumph over the terrible. It was a drastic metaphor. Apocalypse set up “culling” programs—imprisoning and breeding people for the purpose of extracting their genetic material and creating an unbeatable army of Infinites—in order to maintain his tyranny forever. Some of my favorite characters entered the fray as the eternal battle was engaged in a new incarnation.

Yes, Unus was involved. Since this was an alternate timeline, his embarrassing death had not occurred. Indeed, Rogue was given command of her own team. The Astonishing X-Men miniseries was the time to shine for our beloved redhead. Undoubtedly, the appearance of a swarming force of Army characters made me smile that weenie smile. It was a story after my own heart.


Now I have a few new cards after my own heart. I can’t wait to print them out and transport my kitchen table into the Age of Apocalypse. Unus, all is forgiven. All the way to infinity.


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