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Forty Seventh Question of the Day.


(Best Prank of the Year.)

As the year winds down, we start to reflect.  Here are a handful of mine:

Best Sports Moment:
Tomas Vokoun traded to the Florida Panthers. We have not had such a true leader in Miami since Pudge.
Best Movie Moment:
Yet to come. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army began filming and previews in 2007.
Best Material Moment:
I qualified for a real BMW lease and drove away with a yellow and black Mini Cooper showing 4 miles on the odometer.
Best Personal Moment:
My youngest child graduated high school.  Major milestone for the win.
Best Vs. System moment:
The Mulletman returned to the spotlight, and found a format that made him Tier One again.

What made the cut for your Best of 2007?


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