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The Joy of Pocket Fighter.





Pocket Fighter. Sigh.

There is a function in the game called “Edit Fighter”. You answer a series of personality questions and get your chosen Chibi Capcom character with assigned stats. You do not control the character, but you can win cards with special tweaks that allow you to adjust while trying to beat the other characters and gain more cards.

Bottomless Bliss on the PSone, Heaven on Earth.

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Pocket Fighter vs. Marvel Super Heroes?

wolverine_pocket_fighter_style_by_jaredjlee pocket_fighter_spider_man_by_rowe the_hulk__sprite_edit_ deadpool

Pocket Fighter was always one of my all-time favorite video games. Ten years later, we see what would happen if they cut loose the Chibi on the Marvel Superheroes. Can you imagine the special moves?



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