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“Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. It could happen.”


Dan Slott had one simple statement when asked about the Disney acquisition of Marvel Comics.

“Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. It could happen.”





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Squirrel Girl’s Rightful Place.



I had been saving this for a special occasion. The time is now.

Dave Simons did a redesign of Squirrel Girl. Dan Slott confirmed her legitimacy. What else does Marvel need to give her the exposure she deserves?


Let’s define her rightful place in the Marvel Universe. Let’s storm the interwebs with cries for more. Let’s campaign for Doreen Green as a vital and vibrant force in the myths.

We can do this.

Yes we can.

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Dan Slott Confirms Squirrel Girl’s Legitimacy.


Dan Slott is one of Marvel Comics’ biggest and brightest star writers. Today he weighed in personally on the Squirrel Girl tug-of-war.

In response to a common opinion that Doreen Green is nothing but a joke, I started a thread on CBR asking: Is Squirrel Girl a legitimate hero? 


I was surprised to see that a large majority of the responses were in the affirmative.


This, obviously, was my favorite:


And then Dan Slott settled it once and for all. And I quote.

Q: Was she a Marvel character created by Steve Ditko?

A: Yes.

Ta da! The end. No more discussion necessary.

Squirrel Girl = Legitimate Hero. Next.


So that’s it. Official confirmation from inside Marvel Comics. 

Squirrel Girl is, and always will be, a real hero. 

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