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“Like being savaged by a dead sheep.”


Hoo boy.  This election is becoming the greatest single sporting event of my lifetime.  Except, of course, for the 1996 Florida Panthers winning the Prince of Wales trophy and the 1998 Czech Republic grabbing Olympic gold… but then again we have not reached November 4th yet.

Stu’s Return-ament is uncovering some serious tech advantages, but like all match-up theory things can spin around in a heartbeat.  Therefore, in the spirit of winning in ways you would have never dreamed, I am quoting two seriously conservative Republicans here on the blog this morning.

First, George Will himself:

Time was, the Baltimore Orioles manager was Earl Weaver, a short, irascible, Napoleonic figure who, when cranky, as he frequently was, would shout at an umpire, “Are you going to get any better or is this it?” With, mercifully, only one debate to go, that is the question about John McCain’s campaign.

… the McCain-Palin campaign’s attempt to get Americans to focus on Obama’s Chicago associations seem surreal — or, as a British politician once said about criticism he was receiving, “like being savaged by a dead sheep.”

That quote is mad crazy coolness on a morning that saw so much rain that I nearly had to swim to work.  And then there was David Brooks reminding me why I have worked so very hard to elect Barack Obama:

Obama has the great intellect. I was interviewing Obama a couple years ago, and I’m getting nowhere with the interview, it’s late in the night, he’s on the phone, walking off the Senate floor, he’s cranky. Out of the blue I say, ‘Ever read a guy named Reinhold Niebuhr?’ And he says, ‘Yeah.’ So i say, ‘What did Niebuhr mean to you?’ For the next 20 minutes, he gave me a perfect description of Reinhold Niebuhr’s thought, which is a very subtle thought process based on the idea that you have to use power while it corrupts you. And I was dazzled…

… the other thing that does separate Obama from just a pure intellectual: he has tremendous powers of social perception. And this is why he’s a politician, not an academic. A couple of years ago, I was writing columns attacking the Republican congress for spending too much money. And I throw in a few sentences attacking the Democrats to make myself feel better. And one morning I get an email from Obama saying, ‘David, if you wanna attack us, fine, but you’re only throwing in those sentences to make yourself feel better.’ And it was a perfect description of what was going through my mind. And everybody who knows Obama all have these stories to tell about his capacity for social perception.

David Brooks dazzled by a Democrat. It doesn’t get much better than that.  Unless it is a self portrait by my former student turned famous painter Stephen Bauman

Steve once said about me “I learned everything I know about hair from a bald-headed man.”  This morning, I learned everything I know about the 2008 presidential election from two cold-hearted conservatives.  I gotta say it was a good day.


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