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The True Origin of Squirrel Girl.

If Squirrel Girl tugs and stretches your entire being into pretzels of obsessive bliss like me, I have a truly magnificent announcement for you today.

Her true origin has finally been revealed.

Will Murray has spilled ALL the Squirrel Girl beans in Rob Imes’ fabulous new issue of Ditkomania. You really must obtain your own copy of #79 and wallow in the most spectacular old-school zine in the world. The writing is magnificent, and the secrets of Doreen Green’s creation are mind blowing.

Here are the crispiest nuggets:

1. Will Murray actually wanted to cut loose from the serious drama of the X-Men titles and bring back the light-hearted anything-goes joy of comic books.

2. Monkey Joe was a real squirrel, and Doreen Green was a real girl.

3. Steve Ditko invented the costume and eyeliner himself.

With one last standing ovation for Rob Imes and Will Murray, I leave you today with the finished full color Iron Man 2 Squirrel Girl card by George “Geo” Davis. Now that we know her true origins, we love her even more. Forever.


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Doreen Green is a Microhero!


I just found some microhero Squirrel Girl riffs and I wanted to share.

Keep those fingers crossed for an announcement concerning her future appearances tommorrow in the new Cup O’ Joe…

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Squirrel Girl = Epic.


(Beautiful Fur by Art Nerd Em.)

I sincerely hope that you will join me on TVtropes.org for a swim. That website is simply incredible.Their Squirrel Girl page especially floats my boat, and it has been recently updated with a fascinating tidbit about the Silver Age origins of Doreen Green:

Legend has it that the Squirrel Girl story was originally drawn by Steve Ditko years if not decades before it was actually published in 1992. As the story goes, the story was originally drawn and completed by Ditko, but went unused and sat in a drawer until Marvel needed a story to fill out its anthology series Marvel Super-Heroes Special. The old unused Squirrel Girl story was pulled out of the drawer, had dialogue written for it appropriate to 1992, and was finally published. Since the original art and story had an old Silver Age touch that didn’t take itself seriously was published in the grim and gritty nineties, the story was notable for how out of place it felt.

Few people actually read the story when it first came out, but after the scans were posted on the Internet, Squirrel Girl slowly became an Internet meme. The fact that Dr. Doom was defeated in such a ridiculous manner combined with the fact that it was one of the few Doom losses that was never retconned as a Doombot due to the obscurity and ridiculousness of the story, meant that Squirrel Girl became a popular Memetic Badass in Internet fight threads despite having only appeared once in a story no one read.

Learn something new every day, and then swirl up a tree with that big bushy tail.


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Surreal Squirrel Girl – in 3D!



I get handfuls of hits every single day from people googling Squirrel Girl. So, just to see what the fuss was all about, I tried it myself.

I found smike’s unsettlingly surreal 3D model. You will need to download the plug-ins to give her a test drive, but I promise it will be worth it. You can even switch to wire frame mode and everything.

Doreen Green is a three dimensional machine – portrayed creepier than she has ever been seen. Just to wash my eyes out, I googled around until I found a different kind of 3D.

Squirrel Girl for the win, on a spectacular Saturday morning.


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