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Reverse Gardening.


(the 15, from the William Blake Tarot by Ed Buryn)

I love me some Tarot cards.  Not for predicting the future or fleecing the unwashed masses, but for playing with my own spiritual tuning fork.  Somewhere in the distant past, some uncredited humans devised a series of symbols and put them on cardboard.  These symbols are brilliantly crafted, they capture 78 archetypical conditions of life and loving.  Since we are on the fifteenth question today, we will examine the 15… traditionally called The Devil.

The William Blake Tarot is one of my favorite sets, for many reasons.  The interpretation book that is included in the box set is the best I have ever read, and I have read at least twenty.  Blake was a bird of my feather, and Ed Buryn expands his mythos and madness to become a modern mash-up of power and poetry.  Ed calls the 15 “Error”, which explains the Garden of Eden.  As soon as we identify “error” in life, the moment we say to ourselves “Something is wrong here.”, then we are banished to a world of perceived sin. 

Seems pretty obvious to me: Adam and Eve accepted life as it is… until that rotten apple called judgement choked them out of paradise.

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