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I got my Greatest Hits.


Every other Saturday I will be re-posting something special from the archives of the blog. The inaugural edition is inspired by a connection I made via Facebook with a teacher I used to work with who is now rollin’ in a ’69 VW van!

That’s me with my mom and my beloved Aunt Donna, in 1987. I actually drove that VW micro-bus around Miami for six years during the eighties. Bill and I painted it, and then something magick happened. It died mechanically and was sent to the junkyard. Nearly two years later, I looked up to see a beige VW micro-bus driving down the street… with the painted nose and front doors of mine attached! The dude had driven down from North Carolina, smashed into something, and replaced the whole front with a psychedelic upgrade. He said he might even keep it like that.

Sometimes we look back and see a person so different from the person we have become, and sometimes we don’t. I haven’t been clean shaven for at least twelve years, most of the hair on my head has disappeared on its own, but I am still the wild and crazy guy I was back then.

It’s just a different decade.


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