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Amazing Ghost Effect Costume from Haunted Mansion Party.

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Mask On!




It is that most wonderful time of the year. I love you October!

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There’s a chill in the air…

Things are heating up, just in time for the first cold front of the season!  It’s a chilly 72 degrees here in Miami, and between the election and the coming Halloween madness things are about to go nuclear.  Check out the prize card in the photograph.  The kids always pick their rewards at random, and this one fits just right.


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Getting in the Spirit.

This, the month of all months, is almost halfway gone. What are you going to be? Today I’d like to share with you some of my students, turning themselves inside out.  Boo!

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Happiness is a Good Hangover.

hockeyhalloween  hockeyhalloween3  hockeyhalloween2 

Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy the day after just as much as the party itself.  Memory and appreciation can get me through the pain of another early alarm, almost every time.  We had amazing fun last night.  It did nothing to sway my view… Halloween is still the best day of the year.  We wore our costumes to the game, although they were toned down a lot this year for comfort purposes.  (Last year we went as cheese and crackers, and things got messy by the end of the night.)  Nina was Mother Earth this time, and I was an air-head Sky God.   Our costumes were winners, and we got seats at center ice on the glass as a prize, so we got to see the scary rink demons up close and personal.  Our Panthers cut loose with four goals in the third period for the big comeback victory, like a pregnant pinata gone pop.  At the end of the game I got the best treat I could imagine, but you have to scroll back up to the Question of the Day for that.

After the game we did some even more serious partying, but some things are just too good to talk about.  Happy Day After!


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Happy Halloween, to one and all.


(pic of my summer school students making caribbean carnival costumes)

Here’s hoping your high holiday is as terrifying and tremendous as ours promises to be.  I am staying home from work and going to sit in the dentist’s chair.  Scream!  Then tonight I am dressing as the sky and Nina as the Earth, as we trick or treat with thousands attending the Florida Panthers vs. Carolina Hurricanes NHL hockey game… followed by stops at three different house parties.  It is my favorite day of the year, since it gives people an excuse to express latent urges that are usually kept in check.  Have a great one, one and all.

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Twenty Second Question of the Day.


(photo of the crotch of the girl in the glass coffin, with friends)

How do you balance conformity and originality in your life?


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