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Limited Edition Obama Winter Hat is The Coolness.


 Yikes, there goes all my shopping money. My list is done. Donate $25 to the Democratic National Committee and give The Coolness to everyone you know.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Glowing with the act of giving.

That’s my class, glowing with the act of giving.  We decorated some boxes for the the annual Toys for Tots biker run that combines gleaming chrome with glorious compassion.  Here’s some pics of that from a previous roaring give-o-thon.

Whether it’s a screaming parade of Harleys or a squealing pack of second graders, it’s the spirit of the gift that counts.  It’s an opening of the self, reaching out to expand the possessive nature of ego to embrace the greater community.  It’s a beautiful thing, and my life has been dedicated to it.

“To make every blade of grass sing with joy.”  That’s the motto that Nina brought into my soul oh so long ago.  That’s what expands and sustains me.

In terms of Vs. System, it has been such a tickling squizzle of joy to see the students receive some random common card for good behavior and watch them cherish and trade the things as if they were solid gold.

It makes our cards glow, like never before.

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