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I Am An Avenger #1: Squirrel Girl Returns.

Spoilers Galore today. If you don’t want to know what happens with Squirrel Girl in the inaugural issue of I Am An Avenger, escape now!

That is the cover of issue #1. I Am An Avenger seeks to introduce the full expanse of the Avengers stable over the course of five installments. Squirrel Girl is included right off the bat, and she is flying “home” to Manhattan. We never knew that she considered Central Park her own personal love grotto, and it makes for some spectacular Tom Fowler scribbles.

One thing that is perfectly captured in her two-page story? The bliss of being Squirrel Girl. You can see it in her face the entire time. She is joy incarnate, and it shows.

There are a whole lotta roots exposed in this little ditty, as it seems that Doreen Green’s crush on Iron Man is being rekindled. Maybe he will finally let her partner up?

It ends way too soon. It teases like mad. Squirrel Girl is bringing her furry tail to New York City for future features in the Avengers titles, and we will be pulling our hair out in anticipation of her next appearance all over again.

Good times.

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Squirrel Girl = Epic.


(Beautiful Fur by Art Nerd Em.)

I sincerely hope that you will join me on TVtropes.org for a swim. That website is simply incredible.Their Squirrel Girl page especially floats my boat, and it has been recently updated with a fascinating tidbit about the Silver Age origins of Doreen Green:

Legend has it that the Squirrel Girl story was originally drawn by Steve Ditko years if not decades before it was actually published in 1992. As the story goes, the story was originally drawn and completed by Ditko, but went unused and sat in a drawer until Marvel needed a story to fill out its anthology series Marvel Super-Heroes Special. The old unused Squirrel Girl story was pulled out of the drawer, had dialogue written for it appropriate to 1992, and was finally published. Since the original art and story had an old Silver Age touch that didn’t take itself seriously was published in the grim and gritty nineties, the story was notable for how out of place it felt.

Few people actually read the story when it first came out, but after the scans were posted on the Internet, Squirrel Girl slowly became an Internet meme. The fact that Dr. Doom was defeated in such a ridiculous manner combined with the fact that it was one of the few Doom losses that was never retconned as a Doombot due to the obscurity and ridiculousness of the story, meant that Squirrel Girl became a popular Memetic Badass in Internet fight threads despite having only appeared once in a story no one read.

Learn something new every day, and then swirl up a tree with that big bushy tail.


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Full Disclosure: Quinjet MEQ-022


Every man wants to drive the best vehicle in the world. If you are lucky enough to be an Avenger or a Vs. System fanatic, your desires will be fulfilled.




That is the original Vs. System Quinjet. It did not see much play, but when I was surfing around to research this preview above all previews, thanks to Adam “Flashback81” Kirkby, I realized that it is already immortal.

On the gamefaqs forums, I found a treasure. See, the Marvel Trading Card video game includes Vs. System puzzles. Much like my Barn Door Challenges and Flashback81’s brain teasers back in the glory days, you must use your wits to solve some of the most entertaining dilemmas using our beloved cards. This one actually demands the searching and usage of Quinjet:




1) Recruit APE X, place front row, choose QUINJET.
2) Recruit NATASHA ROMANOFF, say YES to putting another card in resource row and place ANY CARD except LEGENDARY BATTLES or QUINJET, place NATASHA in any row.
3) Recruit THERMITE, say YES to putting another card in resource row and place whichever card you have left besides LEGENDARY BATTLES or QUINJET, place THERMITE in either row.
5) Equip QUINJET to any of your attackers.

Pass until COMBAT PHASE.

1) Team attack MR. FANTASTIC with APE X, NATASHA ROMANOFF, and THERMITE don’t finish out attack chain stop passing when your attackers exhaust.
2) Play LEGENDARY BATTLES and advance attack chain.
3) Trigger effects in any order, select INVISIBLE WOMAN, say YES to stunning character.

Brilliant, magnificent fun. That, however, is not the reason you are here. Is it? No, you want to see one of the lost MEQ prize cards. Your wish is my command.


Wow. What a powerhouse. The best vehicle ever printed. The most brain-bursting possiblities that Vs. System has ever seen. Each attack, on both sides of the board, will never be the same. I can move any number of dudes? And give them flight and reinforcement to boot? Can you say “Coast City”? Yes please.

Quinjet, Mighty Machine, you remind me so much of Rocket Racer. And that, of course, reminds me of…


…  the single sickest deck in Vs. System history.

Click that link and fly with me back to the Random Punks Greatest Hits. Imagine the infinite possibile destinations that we can visit in our new Quinjet. Then take a deep breath and hit the comment section so we can groove on our new ride. It’s a great day to be alive, especially for us Vs. System fanatics.

(And tomorrow gets even better with another exclusive Lost MEQ preview on the Orange Soda Man’s blog. Check it check it out!)


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Weekly Wonder Word: Masterpieces


So there you have it. A mini-portofolio of tiny masterpieces from sauceboy.

I believe that each human life is a masterpiece. Too bad it is so difficult for people to experience and maintain that perspective.

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Iron Man: Superior Tech.

The movie was excellent.  Gripping, outstanding acting by Robert Downey Jr.  Fun little supporting roles by Terence Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Jeff Bridges’ best performance since The Dude.  Marvel hit a home run with their first completely in-house movie, and they even slipped in a sex scene!

I loved the effects, and I dug the quirky little origin story that explains the color choice on the suit.  I didn’t catch it at first, but Nina said “So Terence Howard is gonna be War Machine in the sequel, eh?”

She was right, and it made my night.  Highly recommended.


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