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Joe Quesada Wants Squirrel Girl To End Dark Reign.

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Comic-Con 2009 has just gone transcendent. It happened during the Marvel Comics panel discussing their massive ongoing inter-title event known as Dark Reign.

Dark Reign is one of those messy affairs that threatens to destroy the very fabric of the Marvel Universe. Norman Osborn, that guy who throws little pumpkin bombs, is the main mastermind threatening world destruction. No one knows who, when, or how he will be stopped.

If Joe Quesada has his way, Dark Reign will end with a bushy red tail.

During the panel discussion, the conversation turned to Squirrel Girl:

Fan in the audience: “Does she kick Norman’s ass?

Joe Quesada: “You read my mind, I want her to be the end of this!”

Dear Joe, we want that too. We realize that you were probably joking, and that you don’t have the power to make it happen on your own. Please consider it anyway.

Thank you.


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Joe Quesada Confession: He Loves Squirrel Girl.


We have breaking news.

Minutes ago on comicbookresources.com, Joe Quesada, the Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, admitted to an enduring adoration of our favorite hero:

“I’ve always wanted to do a Squirrel Girl miniseries or a Squirrel Girl event…

I haven’t been able to sell it in yet, but I keep on trying.”

– Joe Quesada


Okay, you heard it. Joe Quesada wants a major Squirrel Girl appearance just as much as we do.

Make it happen.

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Joe Quesada is now serving coffee at CBR.





Spider-man, from imagination to reality. If you love that stuff as much as I do, today is a New Day Rising.

Every Friday on CBR, Joe Quesada himself will be slinging ink from the inner chambers of Marvel Comics. The future never looked brighter.

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