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Kaleido Squirrel Girl.


(Squirrel Girl copyright Marvel Comics. Original drawing by ArtNerdEm.)

I downloaded a program called Kaleider 4.7 today. The world will never be the same.

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Sunday Mandala: Tributes and Remixes.


What a fanglorious Sunday morning this is. Basking in the glow of one human masterpiece reinterpreted by another artist. If you open your ears all the way, you can hear countless cover versions and re-mixes of Michael Jackson’s exquisite catalog coating the entire surface of the Earth. Inevitable synchronicity dragged my eyes across the sizzle of the googlesphere toward a blinking bauble by Alex Duplation Mediation for breakfast. It is a New Day Rising.

You see, today’s mandala is an interpretation of Julie Dillon’s champagne bottle crashing with a splash against the flying angel pointed toward the horizon that launched this ship. I started the Sunday Mandala feature twelve weeks ago with her work. Today that image has been spectacularized into a morffledelic chakrabbalah map to the center of infinity equals one equals zero.

What a fanglorious Sunday morning this is.

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Sunday Mandala: Father’s Day Edition.


I chose that Mandala for Father’s Day because of the detailed explanation of the elements. Dads are always good at figuring things out.

Happy Father’s Day, to one and all. It is a VERY special one for me this year!

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New Spider-Man Mandala Debuts in September.


Remember the Spider-Man Mandala we found on an old silk tie? It seems that the big boys in the offices of Marvel Comics dug it. They will be unleashing a brand spanking new one in September, on the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #2.

Most awesome.

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Sunday Mandala: Under Construction.


As another school year comes to a close, my new gig at Broward College is about to blossom. In perfect synchronicity, I found some sketches by the umbrella to represent the new era beckoning ahead.


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Sunday Mandala: Squirrel Girl Edition.


Still glowing from the vote of confidence that our beloved Squirrel Girl was awarded yesterday by Dan Slott himself, I found a matching Mandala for the weekly ritual.

She’s in there somewhere, I swear.

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Sunday Mandala: Gnomo Sapien.


This one speaks for itself. Here’s the source. Happy Sunday.

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