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Who is Gertrude Yorkes?


You tell me.

What does that totem montage say to you about our freshly minted one-drop Runaways wonder-rare? Have you ever experienced her mythos in the comics? In seventy two hours I will have the card in my hands and answer the question myself, but for now… you tell me.

Who is Gertrude Yorkes?


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Longshot loves Arsenic. He loves her a lot.

longshot1 gertrude

How blonde are you? That’s the flavor text of the Runaways’ one-drop Vs. System character, and she rocks Longshot’s world. The Mulletman is blonde as it gets.

Gertrude Yorkes also give a wink and a nod to any weenie-loving Ratcatcher fan who was looking to ride The Leapfrog into an evasion-burn black hole of cardboard glory.

In other words, Stu happy. Stu VERY happy.

This is gonna work. More than I ever imagined it could.

Leave me a comment, or just stay tuned. My drawing board just lit up like a nuclear powered disco ball. The party is ON.


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The Mulletman returns, and the third time really is the charm.


That’s the last original art Mulletman. I found it on the deviantart page of the dearly departed genius who penned it.

Throwing preview protocol for a twisted hanging curve, it comes with the spoiled new Longshot card that was revealed on Realms. Make sure you are sitting down if you haven’t seen this yet. It looks to be real.

Longshot, Earth-Mojoverse
Cost: 1
Atk: 2 Def: 1
Range: Yes Flight: No
Team: Exiles * X-Men


When Longshot enters play, name a card, then rally for a card with that name three times.

Third time’s the charm!


I am having a difficult time with this. I am on the verge of tears. It is just. So. Beautiful.

While I am trying to compose myself, please help me out in the comments. How does Shift make the ability even better, because I cannot think of a better card ability for every single deck I have ever built.

The third time really is the charm.


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Marvel Evolution Previews: Purified by The Purifiers.


Is anyone 100% pure?

In my humble opinion, the only human thing that is totally pure is the ability to accept the impossibility of total purity. Life must be embraced with all its flaws intact. The crusade to scour the world of sin and imperfection is bald arrogance and utter villainy.

The Purifiers have a different view.

Like all religious zealots, they are driven by the false idol of perfect morality. They insist on imposing their illusion of ethical cleansing on the rest of us. They are the essence of true evil.

Now that they have been incarnated as one-drop Vs. System army characters, however, I am warming up to The Purifiers quite nicely. Especially since their discard effect will allow my weenie dreams to take down the mightiest of opposing foes, while their mythological history includes Bastion’s head and the rebirth of Shiny Purple Slick.

But wait. It does not end there. The Purifiers have been given Legendary status, and it involves activated character abilities.

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More Hellboy, More Tease.


Three things.

1. It really helps to watch Hellboy II: The Golden Army with the Brightness on the TV turned all the way up. I cannot stress this enough. The movie is too dark to see all the details unless you go with maximum Brightness.

2. Upper Deck’s Hellboy Essential Collection trading card game still tops the list. I spent all night reviewing each other potential champion, and it still wins. If you know someone who enjoys deep strategy and debauched myths, you MUST track it down and give it as a holiday gift.

3. Monday night, one minute after midnight, is Marvel Evolution Preview Time once again right here at Full Body Transplant. Check this discussion forum for an early tease.

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