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Sunday Mandala: Madrox Madness.



MXM188   MXM188

That is one of the cards that changed my life. The entire community came together to celebrate the most powerful Multiple Man in the game. Ryan Sook did the original painting, I made the mandala in Kaleider.

Enjoy the Madrox Madness. We sure did.

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Marvel Evolution Preview: Multiple Man, Army Hydra and Multiplicity


Jamie Madrox is a man with a split personality.  And another, and another, and another.  Many of us can relate to his mutant ability, since we often seem to be different people according to our surroundings.  It can feel like we are multiple men.


Human life is a shattering experience.  Born as a clean slate, each day writes a new line in our individual identity.  Advancing through childhood, we come to know who we are.  Then everything changes.


Conflicting urges and motives exist within each of us, and integrity hangs in the balance.  Yet somehow through it all, we keep our focus and create a unique life of accomplishment that makes an original mark on history.  There is a central sense of self that orchestrates the shifting sands of consciousness and chooses the path we follow.  Many comic book myths speak to this phenomenon, but none more directly than Jamie Madrox as Multiple Man.


Myriad meaningful myths merge merrily in the cardboard incarnations that Vs. System has brought to the human condition.  Preview articles unveil new frontiers of heavenly hobby high-water marks.  Four paragraphs is the approximate maximum attention span before the reader scrolls past the rest of the verbiage to see the card in question.  That time is now.



Wow.  Perhaps the most powerful single one-cost army card for Limited play ever printed.  Our new Madrox is a 4 ATK bulging bruiser all by himself when defending?  On turn one?  Thank you very much.


And then there are the Constructed possiblities.  Think of this.  On turn two with a pair of copies alongside, one measly Multiple Man can be 6 ATK when attacking… and 8 ATK when defending.  Swollen weenie for the win.  Of course, like most things in my mulitiple mind, it goes exponential from there.  Vs. System has always thrilled me most when I have a six-pack of one-cost characters in formation on turn three.  This new Madrox means major meat in that case, without any plot twist support at all.


Plot twist you say?  The title of this article is teasing you beyond your limits?  hehe…



Oh.  My.  Madrox.  Personally, stall decks have never been the flavor.  Now I must expand my taste.  Notice the fact that this is NOT restricted to any phase or step.  Multiple possibilities.  Infinite control.  That card is exhausting just to think about!


In an attempt to find the right me for the job, I took a stroll down multiple memory lanes.   One of my favorite articles ever details the life and times of Jamie Madrox from birth to Pro Circuit Atlanta Playroom glory.  Then there was the time we built a masterpiece collectively using Multiple Man’s original incarnation to fuel a Mutopia driven little red frenzy.   Of course you can scroll down to the post under this one to see the second Vs. System appearance of our cloning crusader starring in X-babies, but alas.  No stall strategies in sight.


I guess I must hand it off to you then.  How will Multiple Man and his Multiplicity be maximized?  Leave a comment here on the blog, head over to Realms and let loose, or talk amongst your selves.  It’s a great day to be a lot of people at once.



My one true self wants to leave you today with one more thing.  That card was previewed on Facebook, and my face has not stopped exploding ever since.  Re-Absorption is perhaps the most mind-blowing card Vs. System has known.  If I ever pull myself together, I will write up all the crazy things I want to do with it.  For now, I need to chase down that guy that just ran across the street after emerging from my elbow.  Enjoy the many faces of Jamie Madrox.  I’ll meet you back here tomorrow after I get everybody back in.




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