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Leonard Cohen: The Full Body Review.


Music unlocks the human spirit. Leonard Cohen is a keymaster. We finally had the pleasure of seeing the man perform live in concert on October 17th, 2009. It was a metaphysical jailbreak.


When the spark inside the body is released by music, it flows toward the highest common denominator. Freedom seeks love. With Leonard Cohen guiding the dance, a beacon of exquisite bliss ignited the arena and called all beings to fellowship. Our party quickly included the whole universe.


Non-physical intelligence appreciates excellence and gravitates toward penultimate performance. Dino Soldo played the best harmonica I have ever heard, and soon we were surrounded by aliens and angels. Javier Mas taught long lost demons to speak Spanish. Roscoe Beck boomed the thunderstick deep until the lava gnomes bubbled forth. Neil Larsen brought shimmering chimera into being, often in the form of legendary lounge lizards. Bob Metzger tickled tingly tarantula up and down the spine. Rafael Gayol made sure that each vertebrae in the room was on point. Sharon Robinson twisted a tempered twin tower taking Leonard deep into her heart and out into ours. Charley and Hattie Webb sweetly soothed the Seraphim within, and all were ecstatically enlarged.


These people understand the process. The music itself is the Goddess. The players are her conduits. The audience is the fuel. The theater grounds the charge and places it for reference. All segments synchronize in sublime communion, and the winged serpent takes flight. On October 17th, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it was lifted higher than ever before.

We were treated to a whole set of new arrangements in the first half of the show, then settled back into our seats by traditional favorites in the second. Three encores sent us off into the evening for the first night of the rest of our lives. Each human body that entered the building was changed forever.

Thank you Leonard Cohen. We will never be the same.


All photographs by hassan, from the actual show.

You can click here for video of the performance.


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Leonard Cohen Saves.

Do not miss Leonard Cohen on tour. That video shows him kicking it off here in South Florida last night. It was the best musical performance I have ever seen in my life. I still have tears in my eyes. I especially loved the drastic shift from the first set to the second. The first was driving bubbling lava, the second soothing soul syrup.

Click right here for our full review of the show with fabulous photographs.

Here’s the set list, thanks to JSA!

First Set
• Dance Me To The End Of Love
• The Future
• Ain’t No Cure For Love
• Bird On The Wire
• Everybody Knows
• In My Secret Life
• Who By Fire (with long Spanish(?) guitar intro)
• Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
• Waiting For The Miracle
• Anthem (with introductions of band members)

Second Set
• Tower Of Song
• Suzanne
• Sisters Of Mercy
• The Gypsy’s Wife
• The Partisan
• Boogie Street
• Hallelujah
• I’m Your Man
• A Thousand Kisses Deep (spoken)
• Take This Waltz

First Encores
• So Long, Marianne
• First We Take Manhattan

Second Encores
• Famous Blue Raincoat
• If It Be Your Will (Leonard spoken verses, Webb sisters sung)
• Closing Time

Final Encores
• I Tried To Leave You
• Whither Thou Goest (tutti a cappella)

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Sunday Mandala: Tributes and Remixes.


What a fanglorious Sunday morning this is. Basking in the glow of one human masterpiece reinterpreted by another artist. If you open your ears all the way, you can hear countless cover versions and re-mixes of Michael Jackson’s exquisite catalog coating the entire surface of the Earth. Inevitable synchronicity dragged my eyes across the sizzle of the googlesphere toward a blinking bauble by Alex Duplation Mediation for breakfast. It is a New Day Rising.

You see, today’s mandala is an interpretation of Julie Dillon’s champagne bottle crashing with a splash against the flying angel pointed toward the horizon that launched this ship. I started the Sunday Mandala feature twelve weeks ago with her work. Today that image has been spectacularized into a morffledelic chakrabbalah map to the center of infinity equals one equals zero.

What a fanglorious Sunday morning this is.

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Michael Jackson: Rehearsal For Eternity.

Some of us count our points in life by how many people get deeply blissed by our existence. Michael Jackson may be the all-time winner in that category. His music will live forever in more hearts than any other.



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My Super Bowl Highlight.

Super Bowl XLIII Football

It was a thrilling game, with a whole slew of magnificent memories. But.

Jennifer Hudson tore that Anthem up, and I can’t wait to see it again on YouTube. It was the highlight of the entire evening.

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The first day of the best music of the rest of your life.


Some moments last forever. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were driving north for a road trip, cutting across the state on the Sawgrass Expressway. The radio was on, and some sort of new sound took grip of my entire being. It was Sneaker Pimps. The song was called “6 Underground”. It changed my life. The woman’s voice reached out to my soul and asked me to dance.

I have been enchanted ever since.

Kelli Ali. That was her name. My heart had earlier been opened wide by a childhood full of Karen Carpenter, but I was nowhere near ready for this. After Sneaker Pimps proved they did not know the best thing when they had it, she went solo.


Kelli kept the groove going with two albums in the early half of the 21st Century, and she is still the voice I most love dancing to. Now this.


Life has changed so much since 1996, and Kelli Ali has changed more than most. Her new album is completely different, yet soothes my center just as deeply as her dance stuff. You can click this to hear some of it, or hang out while she explains:

My Rocking Horse album is very different from my earlier records and is a collection of songs which resemble dark modern nursery rhymes at times. Odes to the magic of nature and dreams and reflections on my journey are at the heart of these songs.

Acoustic guitars, flute and cor anglais, violins, cello, organ and piano are just some of the instruments we used to interpret the dreamy, folk and modern classically inspired songs.

I believe that we have created a tapestry of enchanting music and haunting melody in the Rocking Horse album, and I am very excited to share this new record with you.

I am very excited to announce the release of Kelli Ali’s new album. Almost as excited as I am knowing I will be listening to it every day until I can sing the songs in my head whenever the music stops. This is the first day of the best music of the rest of my life. It’s one of those moments that will last forever.

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Punk Rock Changed Our Lives: A Contest of Wiles.


The revolution succeeded.  Punk rock set out to blatantly broadcast anyone with a voice full of something to say. The bands came down from the pedestal and got sloppy with their fans, and the fans ran home to start their own bands, and we are living happily ever after because of it.

My favorite flavor during the glorious revolutionary days of the late eighties was Minutemen. Mike Watt toiled forward to form fIREHOSE from the ashes, and the top photograph is visual evidence with ed fROMOHIO sporting one of our shirts. Margaret Griffis was there, that night at Churchills in Miami. Today, however, we have video.


That is correct, Tim Irwin’s righteous documentary “We Jam Econo” is now available on iTunes. You don’t even need to get up from your chair. Click that link in the first sentence, or use this keen little button right here:

The Story of the Minutemen

Of course accessibility is only the first step in the punk rock revolution still ragin’ full-on in the eyes and ears of human kind. Then, you must participate.

Thanks to the lovely Jessica at New Video, you get to do just that – with a contest. Here at Full Body Transplant we are proud to announce that the winner of this month’s Pioneer-o-thon will receive a code good for one free download of “We Jam Econo”. The movie shreds the senses, puts you in the passenger’s seat with Watt for the birth of SST records, and soothes the soul with an acoustic Corona.  You don’t want to miss it.

How do you win? Simple.  Tell us a true story about a time you Did It Yourself. When did you create instead of consume? When did you get right up in the face of your greatest rock hero and slap the sweat from the hand? When did you make your messy little mark on history, the way no one else ever could?

Punk rock is not just about music, and “We Jam Econo” is evidence. Watt talks about the way it works in every waking moment of a life. It’s an eye-set. A perspective. We want to hear yours.

Tell us about the best punk show you ever saw. Tell us about the best clothes you ever wore. Tell us about writing your own song, inventing your own method, telling your own story. Tell us about a time you beat someone in a game of Vs. System by using a card that no one else would be caught dead running. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just tell us how you did things yourself.

In three weeks we will choose a winner. Post your story in the comments, or send an email to: fullbodytransplant@dadeschools.net

In the meantime, we will tell our own punk rock war tales here in the comment section between each contest entry. Tell us your version, and jump for the chance to win the free download of “We Jam Econo” from iTunes. The revolution succeeded, and the party is on.


(That’s obviously Meat Puppets, wearing the best shirt I ever painted. Story to follow in the comments…)


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Hello, have you heard Goodbye?

Sometimes I cry for joy, hearing an old song that touches my heart.  It happened just now.

I was toying around on www.pandora.com and I created a Sundays radio station.  The first song?  This one:

“Goodbye” by The Sundays

I vow that it’s goodbye and God bless.
Why did we have to assume we’re exactly the same?
Oh no, talking about yourself.

I could never be seen
falling down on my knees crawling.
Oh no, talk about a sell.

I vow that it’s goodbye to the old ways.
Those stories were a good read,
they were dumb as well.

As the heavens shudder baby,
I belong to you.
They said you get what you deserve and all they said was true.

So is this what it’s come to?
Am I cold or just a little bit warm?

Oh well.
Give me an easy life and a peaceful death.

I was astounded when I googled those lyrics.  The song fills me with hope and bliss when I hear it, kindling fond memories of a heart bursting with real deep love.   The lyrics are rather bitter and tortured, yet the incomparable voice of Harriet Wheeler melts my soul every time.

Art is a curious thing.  The audience brings such sublime subjectivity to the activity.  No matter what a musician, or a painter, or a writer puts out there – it always carries the potential for triggering transcendence.  Quite often it makes me cry for joy.  It happened just now.  Listen to The Sundays and see if it happens for you.

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My Life is Blessed Constantly by Magnificent Synchronicity.

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Watt sent me an email, with that amazing photograph. In case you don’t know Mike Watt, he is only the greatest bass player who ever lived. If you have been here a while, you have seen me blog about him before.

This was the spiel. Remember what Vs. System card we just previewed, and connect the dots…

hey, my old friend nanny works at a children’s zoo here in pedro and animal control brought her two squirrels they found over on fifteenth street that fell out of their nest in a tree. they’re baby albino ones – very rare, maybe three weeks old! their nails felt trippy on my hand and they were very friendly for being wild… it was hard to get this shot cuz I’m not left-handed but I just went for it…


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Our Madonna Bacon Number is now Two.


What is a Bacon Number?  Michael explains.  It is a bit clunky, that University of Virgina database thing, so maybe you should start here.  And, thanks to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show on VH1 with a live shot of Watt and Madonna together in the kitchen of the Waldorf Astoria, this needs to be updated:

Madonna (I) was in Forbes 20 Richest Women in Entertainment (2007) (TV) with Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz was in “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” (1994) {Surprise (#3.9)} with Mike Watt (II).

Yes, that is now old news.  Watt’s Madonna Bacon number has reached One.  And yesterday someone hit this blog after searching “things neccesary for survival” .  And when I revisited that post from October, I realized I had not sent Watt a shout in a while.   I linked him to the Pleasant Distraction rant last night, and got this back in the morning:

brother afm,

        much respect to you, always – much respect!

        thank you for the great spiel.

                                  brother watt
Gotta love Watt.  All that talent, all that genius, and he is always just one of us.  The most human of stars.  And to top it all off, our Madonna Bacon Number is now Two.  And our Space Ghost Bacon Number as well?  What a killer way to start a Friday.

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The Proof is in the Flickr.


Gotta love that Flickr instant satisfaction.  There is your proof of the Wattage like a virgin.  You can click on the pic for the source, and for more.  Natch.


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Madonna ROCKS!!!


Mike Watt has always been a huge Madonna fan.  When it was announced that she would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there was a bit of an uproar.  Madonna?  Rock and Roll?  The solution was obvious.  Trot some Stooges up onstage and blow the ears off the doubters.  It worked like a charm.

Watt and Thurston Moore once put together a goof act called “Ciccone Youth”.  Download it today.  You have not lived until you have heard the best bass player on Earth cover “Into the Groove.”  I’m serious.

Madonna does rock, and last night Iggy sat on Justin Timberlake’s lap to spit the proof into her face.  Should be on YouTube as we speak.  Good times.

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