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Weekly Wonder Word: Celebration.


With New Year’s Eve tonight, today’s word was a no-brainer. The celebration artwork above is by rabbitica, and it makes me wonder if we could make the world a better place by celebrating everything as often as we can instead of just trumpeting our own personal victories whenever we vanquish an opponent.


Here’s what I mean. In the Vs. System community, we learned the hard way that winning isn’t everything. Last night saw Andrew Bircher figure it out like this:

Not everyone can be winners, there has to be some losers but what sucks is when all the losers leave and you’re left as the only winner… who ends up being the loser after all?

It is a lesson we learned the hard way in our trading card game community, and it can be applied to every situation around the world. In every household, in every life.

Celebrate the things that make winners of us all. Happy New Year!

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